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100 years ago

July 20, 1921: Notable losses today include Franklin Ohmit, 89, the oldest of Chenoa residents. He was a carpenter by trade, but quit his job as a farm laborer to build most of the houses that are in Chenoa today. When it arrived in 1856, Chenoa was a railway junction but not yet a town.

75 years ago

July 20, 1946: Bloomington City Council voted to limit liquor licenses to 50 for taverns and 10 for clubs. It won’t have much of an effect now, but will slow the expansion. At present, there are 56 taverns and 11 licensed clubs. The limits were proposed by the tavern operators.

50 years ago

July 20, 1971: The Town of Normal will maintain its 911 emergency telephone services until at least next year. But one of its two connections to General Telephone will be cut, lowering the city’s monthly cost to $ 55 per month. Normal had wanted to leave because of the costs.

25 years ago

July 20, 1996: BroMenn Health Care celebrated its 100th anniversary, turning the grounds of David Davis Mansion into a party site. Costumed actors and musicians provided entertainment. Deaconness Hospital opened in 1896. It became Brokaw Hospital in 1903.

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