120 new houses in Gedling and a new antenna mast among planning requests in the district of Gedling this week

Plans for 120 new houses and a replacement antenna mast are among the planning requests that have been made this week in the district of Gedling

Every week, dozens of planning requests are submitted to the board – and the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t changed that.

Here is the list of requests that have been submitted and validated by the Gedling Borough Council over the past week.

Visit the council website HERE the links below to learn more and express yourself …


Demolish the existing garage (external store) Erect a new two-storey side extension. Repair of the roof of the rear extension of an existing floor
36 Langley Avenue Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 6NN
Ref. N °: 2021/0741

Approval of external materials as indicated in the document Condition 3 – External materials
Adjacent lot 384 Gedling Road Arnold NG5 6PD
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0669DOC


No candidacy

Burton Joyce

Single-storey rear extension
17 Chestnut Grove Burton Joyce NG14 5DN
Ref. N °: 2021/0744

Two-storey side extension and one-story rear; transformation of the existing garage into an annex
17 St Helens Crescent Burton Joyce NG14 5DW
Ref. N °: 2021/0739

Construction of a swimming pool and erection of a swimming pool enclosure with technical room
Land at the back of 106 Bridle Road Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire NG14 5FP
Ref. N °: 2021/0717

Rear extension and interior fittings (including a balcony).
134 Lambley Lane Burton Joyce NG14 5BN
Ref. No: 2021/0689

Demolition of existing buildings; construction of 7 housing units with office units (class E) on the ground floor on the facade side
6 Willow Wong Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire NG14 5FD
Ref. No: 2021/0673


NMA relating to 2017/1263 Erection of 57 no. housing and ancillary works.
Land Adj Dark Lane Calverton Nottinghamshire
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0759NMA

Two-story extension to the front elevation and one-story rear extension
6, avenue Sherwood Calverton NG14 6NE
Ref. No: 2021/0696


Two-story side extension and one-story rear
2 Belper Crescent Carlton NG4 3RQ
Ref. N °: 2021/0743

Two-storey side and rear extension, including a balcony, with a one-story front extension.
8 Douglas Crescent Carlton NG4 1AN
Ref. N °: 2021/0742

Single storey facade extension
14, avenue Douglas Carlton NG4 1AJ
Ref. N °: 2021/0724

External staircase erection at the back
17A Elm Avenue Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 3DD
Ref. N °: 2021/0720

Change of use – 1 chamber to use for beauty therapy
23 Broadway East Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 1AG
Ref. No: 2021/0695

Keep the existing business unit and build 2 apartments with 2 bedrooms on
2A, chemin Mayfield Carlton NG4 1JP
Ref. No: 2021/0682

Garden furniture / Summer house with 2-level terrace at the front (retrospective part).
9 Third Avenue Carlton NG4 1PE
Ref. No: 2021/0672



Side extension of the first floor Rear extension of one floor
32 Crosslands Meadow Colwick NG4 2DJ
Ref. N °: 2021/0762

Removal of the existing 22.5 m lattice mast with 6 antennas and its replacement with a 22.5 m monopole with 12 antennas and installation of ancillary equipment
Communications Station Road No 7 Colwick Nottinghamshire
Ref. N °: 2021/0730

Keep the existing pergola in the back garden.
3 Parsons Meadow Colwick NG4 2ES
Ref. N °: 2021/0718


Replace the flat roof with a sloping roof with Velux window.
12 Church Drive East Daybrook NG5 6JG
Ref. N °: 2021/0721


New perimeter wall, fence and gates at the entrance and new garage at the front of the property
Rosemount Friday Lane Gedling NG4 3LB
Ref. N °: 2021/0736

Demolition of the veranda and erection of the one-story rear extension.
191 Shelford Road Gedling NG4 4JH
Ref. N °: 2021/0716

Construction of 120 housing units with associated access, landscaping and infrastructure (approval of matters reserved by framework consent 2019/1186 (appearance, landscape, layout and scale)
Land at South Burton Road Gedling Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2021/0694

To erect a BBQ hut (shed) at the back of the garden.
28 Yew Tree Lane Gedling NG4 4AL
Ref. No: 2021/0684


T1: Swedish Whitebeam – Reduce height by 2m T2: Maple – Reduce height by 2m and width at most 1m all around. Prune side branches to suitable replacement unions. T3: Whitebeam – Reduce the height by 2m and the width by no more than 1m all around. Trim side branches to suitable replacement unions.
41, rue Church Lambley NG4 4QB
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0723TCA


Tree felling
Brooke Farm 12 Main Street Linby Nottinghamshire NG15 8AE
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0728TPO5


Approval of details reserved by condition 4 (projection) of planning permission 2021/0466
4 Plaines Road Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 5LF
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0782DOC

Skylight at rear elevation / first floor extension
25 Digby Avenue Mapperley NG3 6DS
Ref. N °: 2021/0748

Construction of 9 housing units
96 Plains Road Mapperley NG3 5RH
Ref. N °: 2021/0737

Two-storey rear and side extension; rear and side extensions of one floor.
40 Florence Road Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 6LJ
Ref. No: 2021/0698


Demolition of an existing housing and a garage / store / home cinema and construction of a self-built housing (Re-submission of the application 2019/0416)
Broadeaves Newstead Abbey Park Newstead NG15 8GE
Ref. N °: 2021/0714


Identical replacement of 4 Yorkshire sash windows on the front of the house.
17 Main Street Papplewick NG15 8FD
Ref. N °: 2021/0731


Tree removal
Phoenix Newstead Abbey Park Nottingham Road Ravenshead Nottinghamshire NG15 8GD
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0784TPO5

Eucalyptus – Complete removal of the tree to ground level
3A Kirkby Road Ravenshead Nottinghamshire NG15 9HD
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0750TPO5

Front and rear extensions on one level
38C Church Drive Ravenshead NG15 9FF
Ref. N °: 2021/0722

Single storey facade extension
71 Sheepwalk Lane Ravenshead NG15 9FD
Ref. N °: 2021/0715

Construction of three new housing units, two new vehicular accesses from Vernon Crescent to the site (Revised proposal).
81 Vernon Crescent Ravenshead Nottinghamshire NG15 9BP
Ref. No: 2021/0702

Forest management plan
3A Kirkby Road Ravenshead NG15 9HD
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0685TPO

Replacement of an existing veranda with a single-storey extension (3050 mm deep)
186 Ravenshead Main Road NG15 9GW
Ref. No: 2021/0683

Single-storey side extension
47 Swinton Rise Ravenshead NG15 9FS
Ref. No: 2021/067

Rear and side extension proposed on two floors (re-submission).
34 Ravenshead Main Road NG15 9GT
Ref. N °: 2021/0670

Front and rear extension project on one level.
210 Ravenshead Main Road NG15 9GW
Ref. No: 2021/0667

Red hill

Front, side and rear extension project on one level.
16 Salcombe Redhill Drive NG5 8JF
Ref. N °: 2021/0732

Stoke Bardolphe

New front porch, replacement of the rear one-story sloping roof with a flat roof, cladding of existing exterior walls, replacement of windows and roof finishing.
24 Stoke Lane Stoke Bardolph NG14 5HS
Ref. No: 2021/0687


T1- Oak – Fallen
28 Holme Close Woodborough NG14 6EX
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0726TPO


Two-story side extension and one-story rear
20, chemin Knighton Woodthorpe NG5 4FL
Ref. No: 2021/0751

T1 – Sycomore – Crown lift at 6m, T2 – Sycomore – Crown lift at 6m, and T3 – Sycomore – Crown lift at 6m
Maison Balmoral Route de Villiers Woodthorpe NG5 4FP
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0719TPO

Side extension and two-story rear extension
17, chemin Knighton Woodthorpe NG5 4FL
Ref. No: 2021/0707

Single-storey rear extension
17 Bonington Woodthorpe Road NG3 5JR
Ref. No: 2021/0688

Change the use of the property from the current C3 to C2 for a residential children’s home (maximum 3 children).
26 Breck Hill Road Woodthorpe NG5 4GP
Ref. No: 2021/0674


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