A fake sports physiotherapist abused a child athlete on the Spanish Costa Blanca


An unqualified sports physiotherapist was arrested for sexual assault on a minor under the age of 16.

The Guardia Civil have detained the 43-year-old at his home in Alicante after a father complained his son had been abused.

The man advertised his services widely on social media but had no qualifications to practice as a physiotherapist

Murcia’s Guardia Civil launched Operation Raufi following the attack on the youngster.

His father said he took his son to a sporting event he was attending.

The man approached them claiming to be a specialist in sports physiotherapy for young people.

Unbeknownst to the boy’s father, the fake physio took the youngster to a dressing room under the guise of taking promotional photos for his company.

After undressing the boy, he applied massage creams and then sexually abused him.

He recorded the abuse on a cell phone placed in his backpack.

The father, hearing what happened, tried to locate the physio who left the gym in a hurry.

Guardia investigations revealed the man had attended a variety of sporting fixtures to promote his services.

He caused unease among parents who detected his strange behavior towards their children.

Several computers and a mobile phone were seized from his home in Alicante for analysis.



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