Advocacy to help reduce pressure on the Falkirk home care service this Easter weekend


Families with loved ones receiving support from the Falkirk Home Care Service are being asked what they can do to help reduce pressure on staff over the Easter weekend.

Bosses stress that all critical and urgent care will become a priority and that no one in this category will be left without the support and help they need.

But those whose loved one needs help at home are invited to ask themselves if they could intervene for a few days.

This may include providing meals, helping with medication, or helping with personal care, either in their own home or in the home of a family member.

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Martin Thom, Integration Manager, Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “Usually we look forward to Easter and spring, as we come out of the traditionally busier winter period.

“Unfortunately, our local staff and suppliers continue to face consistently high levels of demand combined with limited staff capacity.

“We are working hard to match the needs of people requiring support with the availability of our care. While we are actively recruiting additional staff, delays or reductions in care are possible unless we can relieve existing demand.

“Similar disruptions are facing services across the country, and we are extremely grateful for the understanding, patience and kindness of the local people who use our services as we continue to respond to these challenges.”

Families who are able to provide temporary additional support for loved ones can contact the Home Care Team on 01324 506 070 to discuss appropriate ways to help.

Information on accessing local health services, including details of pharmacy opening hours over the Easter period, can be found on the NHS Forth Valley Spring Zone website spring.


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