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Cleveland, OH, March 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Susan Stone and Kristina Supler, attorneys for KJK Title IX, have announced an all-new episode of their top-rated Real Talk podcast. The final episode is titled Failure To Launch – Transitioning To Adulthood, with guest Dr. Mark McConville. Dr. McConville is a renowned clinical psychologist and author with experience in child development and parenting as well as adult, adolescent, emerging adult, and family psychology. The trio discuss the struggle that many young adults face as they move into adulthood. Dr. McConville dubs the battle “Launch Failure”. The conversation includes advice for parents to help children through the phase and anecdotal advice. Plus, Dr. McConville explains how this struggle came about for so many young adults in the first place.

After reading and learning so much about the subject from Dr. McConville, whose book is available for purchase on Amazon, Stone and Supler decided to invite him to the podcast. The podcast discusses why a growing number of young adults are experiencing “launch failure” and the role of parents. The discussion also swings around how children fail in subjects like English. It’s a revelation for parents of teenagers and young adults who may be facing similar issues.

Susan Stone and Kristina Supler – Advocacy for KJK Students and Athletes

Kids these days often feel like their parents can’t understand them, and that’s what they’ll tell therapists behind closed doors. The generation gap is wider than ever, and that means many parents are going through just as difficult a time as their children. That said, Dr. McConville says he can see poor choices because “…children are much more receptive to parental strategies and intervention.”

Dr. McConville is a highly regarded clinical family psychologist who has been in private practice in Cleveland, Ohio for many years. He also lectures, is published on child development, and speaks on parenting and similar issues. Dr. McConville has a reputation as one of the best and foremost psychologists working with young adults and patients who may have difficulty going through adolescence and the transition to adulthood, a problem he has called failure to throw.

Listen to the latest episode of Real Talk Podcast.

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