Artist brings ‘Goodnight Moon’ to life in Alexandria installation


ALEXANDRIA, VA — Whether as a child or a parent, you’ve probably read the iconic children’s book “Goodnight Moon” at some point. Now the book has come to life with an art exhibit at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria.

Lisa Schumaier, a longtime Torpedo Factory Art Center artist based in Studio 16, had been commissioned to create seasonal installations during the winter. The latest installation recreates Margaret Wise Brown’s 1947 book with illustrations by Clement Hurd. The Goodnight Moon Room was created largely from recycled materials with furniture sourced from local recycling companies, personal collections, or discarded cardboard.

“The Goodnight Moon Room is a literary hug for those days when we’re all feeling nervous,” Schumaier said via a press release from the City Arts Office. “It takes us back to when we were young and snuggled up in bed while an adult read to us to sleep, or when we did the same for our own children.”

In addition to recreating the children’s book illustration, Schumaier added a shelf full of banned books from Alexandria-based The Company of Books and Orchises Press. ‘Goodnight Moon’ had been kept away from the New York Public Library from its publication until 1972.

“The room is a safe and comfortable space, but also speaks to the importance of a free press and a reading public to the strength of our democracy,” Schumaier said.

The artist created the Goodnight Moon Room with the help of a team of artists from the Torpedo Factory Art Center. The contributing artists were Chris Cardellino (Workshop 313), Marcel Artes Deolazo (Workshop 332), Judy Heiser (Workshop 332), Tracie Griffith Tso (Workshop 22) and Jena Michelle (Workshop 226).

The Goodnight Moon room can be visited until March 13 at Studio 9 at Torpedo Factory Art Center, 105 N. Union St., Alexandria. The art center is home to the largest number of artists working in a single location in the United States. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.


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