Best Home Builder/Roofer: RCR Homes | Best of the best


RCR Homes owner Roland Rodriguez loves handing over the keys to a beautiful, brand new home.

That’s because there’s nothing quite like seeing a family begin the next chapter of their life together in a home that’s just right for them.

“You see these families enjoying the same home that you helped create. It’s pretty cool,” he said. “It’s such a rewarding accomplishment.”

Rodriguez started building homes in 2008 and founded his company in 2014. He has now built so many homes that he literally can’t remember the exact number.

During this time, he learned not only the ins and outs of building homes, but also how to work with his clients through an admittedly complex and often stressful process.

After all, a new home is a serious investment.

“It can be a little intimidating and scary,” he said. “I try to be very transparent about the whole process.”

This has become even more important since the COVID-19 pandemic began to wreak havoc on the building materials market. Prices have risen and any reasonable time estimate for supply availability has completely evaporated.

“The challenges we face are unprecedented,” Rodriguez said.

But that’s where the business principles of the company and its team come into play.

Now more than ever, it’s absolutely essential to constantly update clients on what’s going on with their future home. Transparency and clear communication are key, he said.

And those principles have once again earned Rodriguez the Victoria Advocate Readers’ Best of the Best award. The company won the award for best home builder/roofer.

“If you build with RCR, you feel like you’re building as a family,” he said.


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