Bridgeland Unveils New 24ft High Art Installation by Konstantin Dimopoulos


Bridgeland will host a new piece of public art, ‘Rising Knoll’, the latest art installation by social artist Konstantin Dimopoulos.

The 24-foot-tall “Rising Knoll” will be placed at the entrance to Prairieland Village. According to a press release, Dimopoulos’ best-known series is “The Blue Trees,” based on themes of environmental loss and preservation, fits their values.

“We wanted a definitive work of art to welcome residents and visitors to Prairieland Village, and our thoughts kept returning to Konstantin,” said Health Melton of the Howard Hughes Corporation. “The existing artwork he has created for Bridgeland is not only breathtaking and distinct, but also poignantly reflects the community’s symbiotic relationship with the region’s indigenous landscape. Konstantin has an innate understanding of integrating the community into its natural environment.

The sculpture will symbolize the prairie sunrise and encourage tranquility.

“I first welcomed the opportunity to create a sense of balance and harmony with Windgrass, and am excited to now create something very unique with Rising Knoll,” Dimopoulos said. “The piece’s interaction with the surrounding environment adds a larger perspective that elevates it above its materials, creating a distinct symbiosis between art and nature.”

The sculpture is set to coincide with the grand opening of Prairieland Village, which will add 7,000 homes to the community.

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