Carlow Nationalist – Top Athlete Starts High Performance Life Coaching Business


Life coach Anne-Marie Doran

By Elizabeth Lee

“IF you can be successful in one area of ​​life, you can transfer those skills and mindset to other areas of life,” says life coach Anne-Marie Doran.

She has just launched Amella Neuro Performance Coaching and Consultancy, a new venture aimed at coaching healthy and high performance in work, sport, lifestyle and relationships.

She was successful in many areas of life. She was Wicklow Camogie Player of the Year, won an All-Ireland Women’s Football title and in the same year was voted by her peers as Player of the Year. She was also a member of the Irish international camogie team in 2008 (months after the birth of her daughter). Add to that having won 13 football and camogie championships and two Leinster titles, being the gym manager at K Club, and you have an elite performance record. Almost as an afterthought, she ran the Dublin City Marathon in 2016. These days, Anne-Marie is training for the Ironman Youghal!

“My passion is health and wellness,” she says. “Over the years, whether working with Carlow Regional Youth Services, young traveler projects, mental health and wellbeing projects or individual coaching programs, I have seen time and time again how, with effort and guidance, people can make great improvements in their lives.

“That’s where I get my satisfaction from seeing people make lasting change and successfully move in the direction they want to go. There is so much potential to develop. »

After Anne-Marie’s exceptional sporting career, she attended courses at Trinity College Dublin, where she obtained an advanced coaching qualification; IT Carlow, where she studied family support and, currently, digital strategy; Munster Technology University, where she earned a BSc (Hons) in Health, Fitness and Leisure Studies, and the Academy of Health Sciences, where she trained as a nutritional therapist.

In launching Amella Neuro-Performance Coaching and Consultancy, based in Carlow, Anne-Marie feels that with her unique range of qualifications, it is time to focus this experience and training with particular emphasis on business and sporting clients, working at both with organizations and on an individual basis.

“Developing greater resilience is not necessarily about avoiding pressure,” she says; “It’s more about noticing when you might be feeling pressure, and then being able to take proactive steps to prevent the pressure from manifesting into unhealthy stress.”

Anne-Marie uses a strengths-based approach in her workplace program using the WRAW psychometric tool. WRAW is the first well-validated psychometric tool and survey to measure resilience and its impact on worker well-being. WRAW provides live data insight into resilience at all levels of the organization.

Amella’s current client list includes Lidl, Youth Work Ireland, The Ladies’ Gaelic Football Association, The K Club, Youth Sports Trust UK, Stryve and the GAA. Anne-Marie also offers a personalized service for individuals looking for results.

“Small changes in a business can lead to big successes, but it often takes an outsider to spot the potential and steer them in the right direction. We collaborate with our customers or develop high and healthy performance in the workplace. even, athletes can benefit from a new state of mind to unleash their potential My work with young people, families and companies has allowed me to see on a daily basis the benefits of coaching for people who have the desire to get the most out of life,” says Anne-Marie.

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