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The Hawk’s Well Theater refurbishment project is well underway, with auditorium upgrading completed with the final step being a complete overhaul of the building’s seating. The upgrades are part of a larger renovation plan that will see the theater transformed to coincide with its 40th anniversary in 2022.

he theater upgrade has been in the works for some time, and the installation of the new seats is a big step forward for Hawk’s Well’s ambitious renovation project.

The Sligo champion was delighted to meet the board as they inspected the new equipment and saw the new look of the auditorium.

Replacing existing seats that had been in place for at least half the life of the venue, the seats were installed over a four-day period in April, after construction delays caused by Brexit and the global pandemic.

The new seat was manufactured by Josper in Spain.

The striking dark red seats are quiet and soft to the touch. They switch automatically thanks to their double springs and are tested to more than 500,000 cycles.

Most importantly, the ergonomic foam cushion is comfortable to sit on and the new seats provide extra legroom.

The seating upgrade is part of wider improvements to the auditorium which saw the installation of new flooring, new safety strips for stall steps and improved safety lights in the balcony, a complete repaint and new stage curtains.

On the technical side, a hearing aid loop has been installed, as well as state-of-the-art sound systems, a new projector and a new stage lighting management system.

These improvements were made possible through grants from Sligo LEADER Partnership; Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Gaeltacht; and Sligo’s advice, as well as public donations to the theater’s ongoing renovation fund.

With a story of their own, however, the last recall was not made on the old seats, with the units moving on to new life elsewhere. Coolera Dramatic Society, Áislann Chill Chartha and Dromore West Community Cinema have taken some to reuse and breathe new life into them, as has Niamh McGrath for a mobile theater project she is working on.

The remaining seats went to private individuals for home theater projects, meaning a little piece of Sligo theater history will live on throughout the county.

With the completion of the auditorium upgrades, attention is now focused on the renovation plan that will secure the Hawk’s Well Theater for future generations.

The tender for the construction work was announced earlier this year, with Rhatigan Architects taking the reins with the design team led by Director Trevor James.

This capital work will include; a historic reconstruction of the theater entrance and foyer space, essential flood prevention measures to mitigate flooding in the auditorium and the installation of an elevator to improve accessibility.

The Hawk’s Well has been raising funds for half a decade, with the aim of raising 1.37 million euros to secure the theater. However, there is still a long way to go to reach the final financial goal, and every penny raised is vital for the successful completion of the project.

In order to support the renovations, the theater launched its Rénovation Paton 2017 program which turned out to be a great success. Individuals, families or businesses can contribute to the fund by becoming patrons of the renovation and making donations at different levels of support.

All clients of the renovation will be recognized in perpetuity in the expanded building and will become a permanent part of Hawk’s Well history.

The Hawk’s Well Theater encourages businesses and individuals to donate to the fundraising effort. If you would like to support the future of Hawk’s Well by donating or becoming a Renovation Patron, please contact Jane Parsons at jane@hawkswell.com, visit www.hawkswell.com for details.

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US war in Afghanistan nears end, but last vestige of conflict lingers at Guantanamo Bay | US News https://wallmountsplus.com/us-war-in-afghanistan-nears-end-but-last-vestige-of-conflict-lingers-at-guantanamo-bay-us-news/ https://wallmountsplus.com/us-war-in-afghanistan-nears-end-but-last-vestige-of-conflict-lingers-at-guantanamo-bay-us-news/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 17:27:55 +0000 https://wallmountsplus.com/us-war-in-afghanistan-nears-end-but-last-vestige-of-conflict-lingers-at-guantanamo-bay-us-news/

A row of colorful family homes with palisade gardens and a junkyard overlook the site of one of the most controversial chapters in recent American history.

Weeds and vines are now wrapped around rings of barbed wire, wooden watchtowers are decomposing, and signs warning of a restricted area are torn in half.

This is the site of the former Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay.

The X-Ray camp has been closed for a long time

Images of men in orange jumpsuits, chained, blindfolded and kneeling in outdoor cages in the sweltering heat are what most people around the world still associate with Guantanamo.

This part of the detention center has been closed for a long time although it cannot be destroyed due to ongoing criminal investigations.

But what happened here still casts a dark shadow over this US naval base, which existed for nearly a century before September 11 but is now synonymous with torture and inhuman treatment.

The first detainees captured at the start of the War on Terror – suspected terrorists – were brought to Camp X-Ray in January 2002 and it was never intended to be a temporary site.

Martha Kelner Guantanamo
Signs for the old Camp X-Ray

But since then, a series of reports have revealed what happened here and the techniques used during interrogation, including beating, waterboarding and other forms of torture.

No journalist had been allowed to enter Guantanamo Bay in the past 500 days due to the coronavirus pandemic, so we weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived at the Joint Base Andrews (JBA) military terminal two days earlier for the flight to Cuba.

JBA is a half hour drive outside Washington DC and is used by the military and the president and vice president.

The day of our departure Kamala harris fly to Michigan the airstrip is therefore closed for half an hour for safety reasons.

Martha Kelner Guantanamo
The US detention center in Cuba is the most controversial on the planet

We had been warned in advance that the rules governing how journalists operate in Guantanamo are incredibly restrictive.

At all times as we move around the base we are accompanied by an escort and all of our photographs and videos must pass a security inspection to ensure that they do not reveal any classified sites or information.

A small corner of Cuba, about 45 square miles, has been a US naval base since 1903, but for the past two decades it has housed the most expensive and controversial prison on the planet.

For the 5,500 people who reside here, everyday life is a world away from the detention center beyond the hills on the outskirts of the city center.

There is a McDonalds, Irish bar, outdoor cinema and bowling alley.

The new boss of the naval base, Captain Samuel White, wants to make it clear that Guantanamo is more than a prison camp.

Capt Samuel White, commanding officer of the Guantanamo Bay naval base
Commander of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Captain Samuel White

“This facility has been around for over 100 years. The exposure it received at the base of the detention center is understandable, but that is not the only function of this facility,” he said.

We are not allowed to film, or even see, the current detention center, but it costs the American people around £ 10million each year for each of the 39 prisoners who remain at Guantanamo.

There have been 780 detainees here since 2002, but only eight have been sentenced and four have had those sentences overturned.

Abd al Hadi al Iraq, real name Nashwan al Tamir
Abd al Hadi al Iraqi, real name Nashwan al Tamir, accused of being an Al Qaeda commander

Many have been waiting for more than 15 years for a trial.

We are here for a preliminary hearing from Abdul Hadi al-Iraqi, who says his real name is Nashwan al-Tamir.

He is accused of being a Al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan, accused of being involved in the planning or financing of insurgent attacks which have left several dead.

The judicial process does not take place in the US federal system as many believe, but in Camp Justice, an area of ​​Guantanamo Bay surrounded by sniper nets and barbed wire, overseen by a military judge.

Martha Kelner Guantanamo
Camp Justice is where the Guantanamo court cases take place
Martha Kelner Guantanamo
The entrance to the courtroom at Camp Justice

Mr. Hadi has been held at Guantanamo since 2007 and was previously held by the CIA, but his trial has yet to begin.

His case is now presided over by four different judges and several advocates, a typical experience of a court process that many see as inadequate.

Its current lawyer, Susan Hensler, said the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan should mean the permanent closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention center and the repatriation of Mr. Hadi, an Iraqi national and Afghan citizen.

Susan Hensler, Defense Counsel
Defense lawyer Susan Hensler

“This case is basically the dispute over the war in Afghanistan and the war in Afghanistan is now over,” she said. “President Biden told us last week.

“The United States has reached a peace agreement with the Taliban a year and a half ago and certainly at this point, Guantanamo Bay should not be the only place where the war in Afghanistan is fought. My client should be released and sent home. “

Former president Barack obama tried and failed to shut down Guantanamo and the Biden administration is now working quietly in the background to shut down the prison.

Omar Ashwamy, former prosecutor of Guantanamo
Former Guantanamo District Attorney Omar Ashwamy

Former Guantanamo prosecutor Omar Ashmawy has switched sides and now believes prison is an unacceptable legacy of the war on terror.

“Basically it was wrong to take people and put them in a cage and throw away the key. If there was ever a genuine intention to have a fair trial, it had to happen quickly,” he said. -he declares.

With the preliminary hearing of the five suspects in the 9/11 case set to continue later this summer, there is no evidence of an imminent Guantanamo shutdown.

As America’s “Eternal Wars” draw to a close, the last vestige of this conflict lasts.

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Latest coronavirus: New York mayor excludes mask mandate https://wallmountsplus.com/latest-coronavirus-new-york-mayor-excludes-mask-mandate/ https://wallmountsplus.com/latest-coronavirus-new-york-mayor-excludes-mask-mandate/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 01:36:05 +0000 https://wallmountsplus.com/latest-coronavirus-new-york-mayor-excludes-mask-mandate/

The US recession due to the coronavirus pandemic lasted two months, making it the shortest slowdown ever. The National Bureau of Economic Research, which is considered the official judge of the timing and duration of recessions, said on Monday that the economy hit a low in April 2020.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has canceled the opening of his new musical West End Cinderella to a full audience, blaming the “blunt instrument” of the government’s self-isolation rules. The performance of the show on Monday night, the day all distancing restrictions were lifted in England, was called off after a cast member tested positive.

Florida Congressman Vern Buchanan announced he had tested positive for Covid-19, despite being fully vaccinated. The diagnosis takes place in a context of increased coronavirus infections in Florida, which accounted for one in five new cases reported in the United States in the past week.

Iran will close two of its most important provinces, including its capital, as authorities step up travel restrictions across much of the country. The six-day closure from Tuesday focuses on Tehran and its neighbor Alborz and will shut down banks and public institutions, adding to travel bans in most Iranian provinces.

Fans pose at a screening of Black Widow in Los Angeles © Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Movie owners in the United States slammed Disney for making Marvel’s Black Widow available simultaneously on the big screen and its streaming platform. The National Association of Theater Owners has awarded the ‘superb second weekend collapse in movie theater revenues ”to Disney’s decision to broadcast the film.

Executives in mid-sized US companies have become very optimistic on the outlook for the US economy and their own businesses, according to a JPMorgan Chase survey that also cast doubt on predictions of a rout in the office real estate market. Business confidence is at its highest level in a decade.

Stonegate, the UK’s largest pub group, is suing for losses it suffered during the pandemic, in a bitter argument between hotels and insurance. The company, backed by private equity group TDR Capital, is seeking £ 845million from MS Amlin, Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe and Zurich.

Taiwan approved its first national vaccine against Covid-19 on Monday, bolstering the country’s efforts to vaccinate its 23.6 million people. A committee of health officials and scientists has granted emergency use authorization MVC-COV1901, a vaccine developed by Medigen, a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company.

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‘Neptune Frost’: Interview with Saul Williams, Anisia Uzeyman Cannes https://wallmountsplus.com/neptune-frost-interview-with-saul-williams-anisia-uzeyman-cannes/ https://wallmountsplus.com/neptune-frost-interview-with-saul-williams-anisia-uzeyman-cannes/#respond Sat, 17 Jul 2021 16:35:46 +0000 https://wallmountsplus.com/neptune-frost-interview-with-saul-williams-anisia-uzeyman-cannes/

Cannes: The first film of the musician, poet, writer and actor is a singular film full of ideas, co-directed by Anisia Uzeyman.

Saul Williams’ latest project is the “MartyrLoserKing Project”, which centers the ideas and talents of the musician, poet, writer, actor and director on an ambitious idea that takes place across three record albums, a graphic novel and now a film. , co-produced with his wife and creative partner Anisia Uzeyman, titled “Neptune Frost”. Premiering at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, the curio sci-fi musical is arguably less about a specific story and is more commendable for its portrayal of a point of view rarely expressed and in a way rarely experienced in cinema.

“Because of the social and global issues flooding my real and virtual timelines, and their countless intersections, as well as the many discussions around these issues, it was important that I merge and fuel all of my creative interests into one story,” Williams said. . of his directorial debut. “I wanted to find a way to talk about everything at once, without necessarily preaching. “

There’s a synopsis that sums up the film, but doesn’t fully capture its ambition: a love story between an intersex runaway (Neptune, played by both Elvis Ngabo and Cheryl Isheja) and a coltan miner (Matalusa, played by Kaya Free), “which lie through cosmic forces causing trouble in the greater divine circuit when they connect, giving birth to a virtual wonder.

The techno-jargon is determined; the entire world that Williams and Uzeyman created may or may not be part of the matrix simulation, and Neptune Frost may or may not be the motherboard, or a modem, serving as a bridge between the analog world of Matasula and a parallel universe that comments on the world parallel to it: ours.

According to the filmmakers, “Neptune Frost”, like most works of art, is certainly open to interpretation. Although, at the very least, his broader, even anarchic, anti-establishment message should be obvious.

The idea was born in 2012 when they were both in Senegal to shoot “Today” by Alain Gomis. In a country very open to business with China (contemporary Sino-African relations occupy an important place in “Neptune Frost”), Williams has witnessed the mesh of worlds represented in his celestial cyber musical.

“People were buying what they thought was the latest technology, like Beats headphones and smartphones, but the traditional ideas, in terms of teenagers building drums for local dance competitions, were still present,” he said. -he declares. “So you would see a teenager come home from school, build his drum out of found materials, put on his Beats headphones, and on the side is the smartphone, and I was just caught up in the mix between ‘old’ technology. and the new technology as something to talk about.

“Neptune Frost”


It was also around the same time that he discovered coltan mining and its global relevance. While it is not necessary to know the history of this abundant “conflict resource” in central-eastern Africa (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda) to appreciate what is presented as a history of love, that would help put some context. Like other regions of the world with coveted resources (e.g. oil in the Middle East), the region’s vast mineral wealth has been the source of years of violence and political turmoil over control of its supply. .

“What I find interesting is that a lot of our technological advancements rely heavily on old-fashioned analog exploitation,” said Williams. “You can imagine the story of what’s going on around these coltan mines and all the violations going on there, just so we can call the next Uber. Connect that to sugar, coffee, rubber, cotton and all those other resources that led to exploitation, then make other connections on connections, like the Dogon with the binary code that says they come from. Sirius, the fluidity of genres which is the rupture of the binary, it is the construction of the world. But the public who have never heard of coltan may wonder why.

The “Dogon” are a Malian tribe with a lineage whose rich understanding of advanced astronomy is believed to predate modern science. For Americans, they might be the closest thing to real-life Wakandans. In fact, Dogon culture inspired the Oscar winning “Black Panther” costume designs by Ruth Carter.

Additionally, Neptune Frost’s intersex is an intentional denunciation of the region’s harsh treatment of non-binary Africans via outright anti-gay laws or as a taboo at best, exported by evangelical Americans.

At the heart of the larger “MartyrLoserKing” project is a hacker who grew up on a hill where coltan was discovered and who lives in a self-sustaining, otherworldly e-waste landfill made from recycled computer parts. There, a subversive hacking collective tries to take control of the authoritarian regime by exploiting the natural resources of the region and its inhabitants.

Williams came up with the name “MartyrLoserKing” after hearing a bad French pronunciation from Martin Luther King. But there is more to the title than a slip of the tongue, starting with the end of the martyrdom (“I don’t want another person to have to lay down their life so that we can do this or say that”); the opposite of what is generally associated with gain over capitalism (“especially when that gain comes at the expense of you standing on someone’s neck, but that’s supposed to align with the idea of weird, weird, and that’s where the loser ‘motto’ comes from ”); and finally, his idea of ​​a “loser-king”. “Being the King of Weirdos, the no-nonsense guy, and he’s okay with that.”

Williams’ 2015 poem “Coltan as Cotton,” which equates the cotton economy that fueled the expansion of slavery in the United States with the resource that provides the circuitry for every cell phone, laptop and many other electronic devices, gives an early overview of the development of the project.

“My work is dedicated to all artists who are told they are too weird, too weird, too experimental, too black, too gay, not pretty enough, not pop enough to matter”, a Williams said. “The goal is to transform society through art, to feed the imagination, to challenge apathy and normative thinking. “

His ambition is palpable in “Neptune Frost”. The film may not always be entirely cohesive, as it is packed with great ideas about how a community connects, how valuable resources facilitate that connection, the subjugation of the people and territories where they occur. naturally, the resulting disparities in wealth, and more. , all while confronting the irony of the resource’s objective of “distributing power” through circuits.

But the star of the film is its visual design. His portrayal of a futuristic African society is still rare in contemporary African cinema. And because it takes into consideration the current crises, while the technology is advanced, it is also somewhat crude, due to the region’s high rates of poverty and the current dump of electronic waste that African countries are. (and Asia).

Also particularly neat are the costumes identifying the different groups that occupy the universe of the film. They are clearly anchored in the local culture, with a futuristic utilitarian design.

Renowned Rwandan designer Cedric Mizero is responsible for much of the look of the film, known for his multidisciplinary work through photography, film, space installation, fashion and object. Williams and Uzeyman met the artist in 2016.

"Frost of Neptune"

“Neptune Frost”

Frost of Neptune

“It was one of those occasions where we spent an afternoon or three talking about what we had in mind, and when he finally brought something to show us, we were blown away,” said Williams. “From then on, the question of trust had gone out the window, and for everything, it became: ‘Cedric, what do you think we should do? Because he and his team of artists are so extraordinary. We literally built this village out of recycled computer parts.

As idiosyncratic as the film may be, Williams and Uzeyman don’t care about limiting their audience’s reach with the work. For starters, the intersectionality of the film – technology, music, and fashion – cuts across a wide range of people. Exploiting even a fraction of that audience could be significant.

And then there is the diasporic angle.

“I’m from a place called Newburgh, New York, and I can’t wait for the kids over there to see it because a lot of them dream is, ‘Yo, I wanna go to Africa, man. I’d love to see it, ”and this movie presents them with a vision,” Williams said. “We are also very aware that we had the year when people did not expect a film like ‘Parasite’, which is not in English, which is set in another country, to be able to commit so many “Americans like he did, and win the Oscar for Best Picture. No one has ever heard Kinyarwanda. No one has ever heard Kirundi. And these African languages ​​are beautiful. There is a poetry and a universal musicality.

The next step in the franchise is the completion of the graphic novel which tells the same story, but in a different light, following the journey of coltan miner, Matalusa.

There will of course be a soundtrack for the film (“music is a time machine and this project wouldn’t be crappy without the music, because it’s the hidden door in every door”).

For now, filmmakers are savoring the moment, enjoying the last glimmers of a world premiere at the world’s most prestigious film event. It’s a wonder that a wormhole from a movie like “Neptune Frost” even exists.

“The way we independently funded this was to protect his perspective and our independence to tell this story that we wanted, and to make sure it was done with an all Rwandan and Burundian cast and crew,” Williams said. “Maya Angelou once said that everything an artist writes should be written with the urgency of what he would write if someone had a gun in his mouth. The state of the world has my mouth open enough to swallow entire timelines. “

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10 things to do this week: from Shakespeare to snakes https://wallmountsplus.com/10-things-to-do-this-week-from-shakespeare-to-snakes/ https://wallmountsplus.com/10-things-to-do-this-week-from-shakespeare-to-snakes/#respond Sat, 17 Jul 2021 10:30:02 +0000 https://wallmountsplus.com/10-things-to-do-this-week-from-shakespeare-to-snakes/

July 17-25. See website for price and ticket details. Durham Hall, Durham Wyned, Lower Largo, KY8 6DL.

The Largo Arts Week Arts Festival kicks off this weekend in the coastal village of Fife after being postponed last year due to Covid. There is a mix of internationally renowned artists and Scottish artists featured during the week-long event. The full lineup includes artists, performers and musicians such as folk music legend Rab Noakes, as well as international sculptor David Mach and many more.


Robert Burns Allocation Festival

July 21-24. See website for details on prices and tickets. Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Murdoch’s Lone, Alloway, Ayr, KA7 4PQ.

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum and Cottage where Burns was born is holding a five-day festival to mark the 220th anniversary of the first Burns Supper. The festival will offer daytime and evening activities for enthusiasts of all ages, including free events. Although Burns’ suppers today are observed on the poet’s birthday on January 25, the first supper was held on the 5th anniversary of his death on July 21, 1801. The festival begins on the 21st with the summer supper, organized under a marquee on the Cottage site, where the first Burns supper took place.


Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival

July 16-25. Pay what you can. Various locations, see event website for details.

Scotland’s largest rural performing arts festival returns with a program of outdoor and online performances celebrating the people and creativity of Dumfries and Galloway. By combining an outdoor traveling stage, pop-up performances in unexpected places and a digital program with world-class artists, there are 60 events over the ten days of the festival. Highlights include a stand up from comedian Mark Nelson, a presentation of Smith & McClennan’s new album, and a glimpse into the exciting world of emerging five-piece group The Lucky Doves.

Landing Page

Hebrides Film Festival

July 19-24. Ticket prices can be viewed on the website and must be reserved in advance. Various locations across Lewis, Harris, North and South Uist and Barra.

Returning for its seventh year, the Hebridean International Film Festival celebrates independent world cinema in theaters of the Outer Hebrides. More than 40 films from 16 countries will be shown at 10 locations along the chain of islands from Ness on Lewis Harbor to Castlebay on Barra. The festival will see UK premieres of films from around the world and closer to home. The program also features Ice on Fire, produced and directed by Leonardo DiCaprio, to audiences in the Hebrides.


Sound clips

July 18-19. Tickets start at £ 12. 40 Edington Street, Glasgow, G4 9RD.

Combining love of good food and love of opera, Scottish Ensemble and Social Bite are teaming up this summer to offer you Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with a picnic organized as part of Live at No. 40

Outdoor party. Charity and

social enterprise Social Bite has created a delicious themed picnic box inspired by music

so that you can enjoy the outdoor concert. William

Grant Still’s Summerland will also be in attendance.


The comedy of mistakes

July 17-24. Tickets from £ 20. 40 Edington Street, Glasgow, G4 9RD.

Part of the Live at No.40 open-air festival is the Citizens Theater performance of Shakespeare’s comedy of Mistakes. The play, directed by Citizens Theater Artistic Director Dominic Hill, will be a fun production performed by a talented ensemble. With live music and burlesque humor, all in an atmospheric outdoor setting, this is the perfect opportunity for artists and the public to rediscover the magic of live performance.


Dream of a summer night

July 19. Tickets from £ 18. Edinburgh Zoo, 134 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6TS.

Another event for theater fans is this performance of Shakespeare’s most beloved romantic comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Located in the magical setting of Edinburgh Zoo, this is another great opportunity to enjoy the open-air theater. There will be a range of food and drink to purchase throughout the show, but be sure to bring mats or chairs with you.


Search Party Edinburgh – A Brand New Summer Mission

July 17 – August 29. Tickets start at £ 10.50. Departure point Bristo Square, Edinburgh

Search Party Edinburgh is back with a new mission. You and your teammates will experience some of the city’s most iconic landmarks and locations, while finding clues, playing games and solving puzzles to complete the mission and find Edinburgh’s long lost spirit animal, “The Reekie Beastie”.

Front Page

Snake summer at Deep Sea World

July 17 – August 21. Admission from £ 16. Deep Sea World, Forthside Terrace, North Queensferry, KY11 1JR.

Taking place in the temporary exhibition hall, Deep Sea World featured over 15 interactive exhibits focused on the often secret lives of snakes. Take a look at the different areas full of taxidermy models and skeletons, with activities for kids and adults.


Installation: Philippa Tomlin

July 19 – August 7. Free admission. Artspace37, Unit 37-38, The Piazza Shopping Center, Paisley, PA1 1EN.

Philippa Tomlin presents her latest exhibition “My Place in the Crowd” at Artspace 37. Remembering all the overcrowded live events that we have taken for granted over the years, this exhibition features paintings and recorded stories from the last experiences of crowd of locals before Covid.

Installation: Phillipa Tomlin

Charlotte cohen

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Lantern Strike (High Loneliness) – The Brooklyn Rail https://wallmountsplus.com/lantern-strike-high-loneliness-the-brooklyn-rail/ https://wallmountsplus.com/lantern-strike-high-loneliness-the-brooklyn-rail/#respond Fri, 16 Jul 2021 20:19:37 +0000 https://wallmountsplus.com/lantern-strike-high-loneliness-the-brooklyn-rail/

In sight

47 channels
June 25 – July 30, 2021
new York

Cinema stories tend to follow a chronology of technical and mechanical innovation. Recognizing the precursors of cinema, or proto-cinema, historians evoke the first shadow puppets, magic lantern slide projectors, and the first examples of photography capturing movement over time.

In Lantern strike (strong loneliness), his second solo exhibition at 47 Canal, Cici Wu presents nine sculptures, four drawings and a video, all dated 2021, which invite us to broaden our understanding of proto-cinema by letting light, perception and philosophy lead the way. . Wu considers this re-imagining of primitive cinema to be “outside the existing framework of the history of cinema”. She strives to align proto-cinema with what she calls “light, optical experiments and the abstraction of images”.

This includes the timeless play of light and shadow from sources we sometimes take for granted, such as lamps or moonlight. We could also think about how people can interpret the same light differently. The light of fire, for example, can suggest a ceremony, a celebration, a light casting out darkness and a house, but it can also mean danger, destruction and war.

Lantern strike (strong loneliness) encourages living together, an Asian transnationalism and solidarity across borders despite national and international crises. Wu’s nine paper lanterns approximate specific local lantern designs, and their titles include the corresponding telephone country codes. Foreign object # 2 Shadow and penumbra (+84), referring to Vietnam, is a diamond-shaped blue lantern suspended from a stick that rests in a round glass vase on a low wooden plinth. Foreign object # 2 Umbra and Penumbra (prototype 63), meaning the Philippines, is a pink star-shaped lantern, also suspended from a stick with a wooden frame and a similar plinth supporting it. There is a rabbit for Hong Kong, a pagoda for Indonesia and a flower for Myanmar. Thailand is the tallest, while the South Korean lantern appears to be lying on its side. The lanterns come together like a glowing pre-colonial or post-colonial reunion, a coalition of neighbors, protesters, or a striking union.

By further exploring cinematic resonance, Wu incorporates digital cameras into his lanterns. They are inactive in the gallery, meaning images to come. Lanterns often have text written on them (names, wishes, or puzzles), but the messages of Wu’s Lanterns are also yet to be determined. The Lanterns look like a vigilant community – watching us and each other – perhaps wary due to the violent past, persistent colonialist attitudes, and an uncertain future. The digital camera, like the lantern, processes and produces light; at either end of a time spectrum, the camera and the lantern have a lot in common.

Wu’s drawings use ink, mineral pigments, and glue on Japanese paper to historicize his interest in these lights. Lantern Study 01 (Woman Admiring Plum Blossoms at Night) and Lantern Study 02 (Light a hanging lantern for the Obon festival) are based on Japanese woodcuts, the first from the 18th century by Suzuki Harunobu, the second from the 19th century by Shibata Zeshin. In Lantern Study 01, a woman uses a lantern at night to light up a flowering tree. In Lantern Study 02, another woman lights a hanging lantern as a signal to her ancestors. In both of these intimate scenarios, lanterns, like cameras, facilitate connection to other worlds.

TS (Celestial) is based on a section of the Tang Dynasty silk scroll, Eighty-seven celestial, sometimes, perhaps wrongly, attributed to the eighth-century Chinese painter Wu Daozi. The parchment depicts a procession of gods carrying decorated poles and wearing headdresses incorporating what appear to be ribbons, flowers, and gemstones. There are no lanterns in this witty drawing, but the scroll refers to cinema. A parchment unfolds in time like a movie.

Strong loneliness, a single channel, a nine-and-a-half-minute video, serves as the final scene for the exhibition. Wu made the video with one of the lantern cameras programmed to recognize shadows. Shadow detection is typically used to clean up images, sometimes in surveillance. Lantern with camera in hand, Wu traveled through New York. In the video recording, its paths look like a quick patchwork of layered lightmaps. Realistic details, like an aerial view of Manhattan and a demonstration, are fleeting, quickly overtaken by colorful shapes. We hear the children playing, but we don’t see them. Buildings become distorted and rounded, as if the lantern camera imposes a fisheye view. The city is no longer entirely architectural or human. Instead, it’s an exuberant mix of colors, lines, and sounds. The shapes change everywhere along the way.

In Wu’s work, the lanterns address spatial, historical, spiritual, and political realms. And with lanterns in hand, abstraction quickly follows. According to Chinese legend, an emperor once planned to burn down a hunting village after the hunter accidentally killed the emperor’s prized bird. Instead, the villagers worked together to light lanterns and set off fireworks, deceiving the Emperor’s soldiers, who stayed away because, from a distance, it looked like the village was already in. fire. In this legend, the interpretation or misinterpretation of the light saved the community. It has become the stuff of legend. Or, Wu might argue, it was an optical experience worthy of being considered a proto-cinema. It was a summons of light and a powerful and versatile symbolism.

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QSC offers meeting room solutions for Zoom rooms https://wallmountsplus.com/qsc-offers-meeting-room-solutions-for-zoom-rooms/ https://wallmountsplus.com/qsc-offers-meeting-room-solutions-for-zoom-rooms/#respond Thu, 08 Jul 2021 15:02:00 +0000 https://wallmountsplus.com/qsc-offers-meeting-room-solutions-for-zoom-rooms/

COSTA MESA, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – QSC announces new meeting room solutions, which have been fully certified for use with Zoom rooms. QSC worked with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. and Q-SYS ™ ecosystem partner Sennheiser to create a solution that simplifies the complexity of integration and allows users to easily tailor their deployment of Zoom rooms into spaces. with high added value, while offering an intuitive and consistent user experience.

QSC meeting room solutions for Zoom rooms are built around the Q-SYS Core 8 Flex processor, which uniquely combines audio, video and control capabilities in one integrated device. It also includes the two- and four-channel QSC SPA series power amplifiers and the AD-C4T QSC AcousticDesign ™ series ceiling loudspeaker offering unmatched sound fidelity and ease of installation. QSC and Sennheiser have also teamed up to include the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) microphone, which integrates seamlessly with Q-SYS via a control plug-in.

“Our new solutions, delivered with Zoom and Sennheiser, make it easier than ever to integrate a Zoom Rooms system into high-value spaces,” said Jason Moss, vice president of Alliances & Ecosystem, QSC. “Our system provides a fully networked and managed AV&C infrastructure to Zoom rooms through a single USB connection. In addition, with the Q-SYS software base, users now have the ability to expand and manage their AV investment in the future.

“The QSC and Sennheiser partnership takes the guesswork out of integrating Q-SYS and TCC2 into any high-value Zoom Rooms space,” said Charlie Jones, Global Alliance & Partnership Manager at Sennheiser. “With the TCC2 plug-in available for Q-SYS, administrators can easily configure the TCC2 microphone in Q-SYS Designer software, monitor and manage it in Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager. ”

“QSC has been an essential part of our Zoom ProAV designs for years,” says Shane Springer, Solutions Architect at Zoom. “With this new certification, QSC offers complete solutions that work together from design to enable flexible spaces, classrooms, meeting rooms, multi-purpose spaces, auditoriums and more. ”

For more information on QSC meeting room systems for Zoom rooms, please visit: qsc.com/zoom.

High resolution images


About QSC

Founded over five decades ago, QSC is a globally recognized leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of high performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, audio processors, cinema solutions digital and Q-SYS ™ software. ecosystem based on audio, video and control. Providing reliable, scalable and flexible solutions for installed professional, portable, production, enterprise and cinema applications, QSC puts its customers at the forefront through its highly recognized sales, service and support networks in the industry. whole world.

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120 new houses in Gedling and a new antenna mast among planning requests in the district of Gedling this week https://wallmountsplus.com/120-new-houses-in-gedling-and-a-new-antenna-mast-among-planning-requests-in-the-district-of-gedling-this-week/ https://wallmountsplus.com/120-new-houses-in-gedling-and-a-new-antenna-mast-among-planning-requests-in-the-district-of-gedling-this-week/#respond Wed, 07 Jul 2021 06:32:11 +0000 https://wallmountsplus.com/120-new-houses-in-gedling-and-a-new-antenna-mast-among-planning-requests-in-the-district-of-gedling-this-week/

Plans for 120 new houses and a replacement antenna mast are among the planning requests that have been made this week in the district of Gedling

Every week, dozens of planning requests are submitted to the board – and the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t changed that.

Here is the list of requests that have been submitted and validated by the Gedling Borough Council over the past week.

Visit the council website HERE the links below to learn more and express yourself …


Demolish the existing garage (external store) Erect a new two-storey side extension. Repair of the roof of the rear extension of an existing floor
36 Langley Avenue Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 6NN
Ref. N °: 2021/0741

Approval of external materials as indicated in the document Condition 3 – External materials
Adjacent lot 384 Gedling Road Arnold NG5 6PD
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0669DOC


No candidacy

Burton Joyce

Single-storey rear extension
17 Chestnut Grove Burton Joyce NG14 5DN
Ref. N °: 2021/0744

Two-storey side extension and one-story rear; transformation of the existing garage into an annex
17 St Helens Crescent Burton Joyce NG14 5DW
Ref. N °: 2021/0739

Construction of a swimming pool and erection of a swimming pool enclosure with technical room
Land at the back of 106 Bridle Road Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire NG14 5FP
Ref. N °: 2021/0717

Rear extension and interior fittings (including a balcony).
134 Lambley Lane Burton Joyce NG14 5BN
Ref. No: 2021/0689

Demolition of existing buildings; construction of 7 housing units with office units (class E) on the ground floor on the facade side
6 Willow Wong Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire NG14 5FD
Ref. No: 2021/0673


NMA relating to 2017/1263 Erection of 57 no. housing and ancillary works.
Land Adj Dark Lane Calverton Nottinghamshire
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0759NMA

Two-story extension to the front elevation and one-story rear extension
6, avenue Sherwood Calverton NG14 6NE
Ref. No: 2021/0696


Two-story side extension and one-story rear
2 Belper Crescent Carlton NG4 3RQ
Ref. N °: 2021/0743

Two-storey side and rear extension, including a balcony, with a one-story front extension.
8 Douglas Crescent Carlton NG4 1AN
Ref. N °: 2021/0742

Single storey facade extension
14, avenue Douglas Carlton NG4 1AJ
Ref. N °: 2021/0724

External staircase erection at the back
17A Elm Avenue Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 3DD
Ref. N °: 2021/0720

Change of use – 1 chamber to use for beauty therapy
23 Broadway East Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 1AG
Ref. No: 2021/0695

Keep the existing business unit and build 2 apartments with 2 bedrooms on
2A, chemin Mayfield Carlton NG4 1JP
Ref. No: 2021/0682

Garden furniture / Summer house with 2-level terrace at the front (retrospective part).
9 Third Avenue Carlton NG4 1PE
Ref. No: 2021/0672



Side extension of the first floor Rear extension of one floor
32 Crosslands Meadow Colwick NG4 2DJ
Ref. N °: 2021/0762

Removal of the existing 22.5 m lattice mast with 6 antennas and its replacement with a 22.5 m monopole with 12 antennas and installation of ancillary equipment
Communications Station Road No 7 Colwick Nottinghamshire
Ref. N °: 2021/0730

Keep the existing pergola in the back garden.
3 Parsons Meadow Colwick NG4 2ES
Ref. N °: 2021/0718


Replace the flat roof with a sloping roof with Velux window.
12 Church Drive East Daybrook NG5 6JG
Ref. N °: 2021/0721


New perimeter wall, fence and gates at the entrance and new garage at the front of the property
Rosemount Friday Lane Gedling NG4 3LB
Ref. N °: 2021/0736

Demolition of the veranda and erection of the one-story rear extension.
191 Shelford Road Gedling NG4 4JH
Ref. N °: 2021/0716

Construction of 120 housing units with associated access, landscaping and infrastructure (approval of matters reserved by framework consent 2019/1186 (appearance, landscape, layout and scale)
Land at South Burton Road Gedling Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2021/0694

To erect a BBQ hut (shed) at the back of the garden.
28 Yew Tree Lane Gedling NG4 4AL
Ref. No: 2021/0684


T1: Swedish Whitebeam – Reduce height by 2m T2: Maple – Reduce height by 2m and width at most 1m all around. Prune side branches to suitable replacement unions. T3: Whitebeam – Reduce the height by 2m and the width by no more than 1m all around. Trim side branches to suitable replacement unions.
41, rue Church Lambley NG4 4QB
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0723TCA


Tree felling
Brooke Farm 12 Main Street Linby Nottinghamshire NG15 8AE
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0728TPO5


Approval of details reserved by condition 4 (projection) of planning permission 2021/0466
4 Plaines Road Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 5LF
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0782DOC

Skylight at rear elevation / first floor extension
25 Digby Avenue Mapperley NG3 6DS
Ref. N °: 2021/0748

Construction of 9 housing units
96 Plains Road Mapperley NG3 5RH
Ref. N °: 2021/0737

Two-storey rear and side extension; rear and side extensions of one floor.
40 Florence Road Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 6LJ
Ref. No: 2021/0698


Demolition of an existing housing and a garage / store / home cinema and construction of a self-built housing (Re-submission of the application 2019/0416)
Broadeaves Newstead Abbey Park Newstead NG15 8GE
Ref. N °: 2021/0714


Identical replacement of 4 Yorkshire sash windows on the front of the house.
17 Main Street Papplewick NG15 8FD
Ref. N °: 2021/0731


Tree removal
Phoenix Newstead Abbey Park Nottingham Road Ravenshead Nottinghamshire NG15 8GD
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0784TPO5

Eucalyptus – Complete removal of the tree to ground level
3A Kirkby Road Ravenshead Nottinghamshire NG15 9HD
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0750TPO5

Front and rear extensions on one level
38C Church Drive Ravenshead NG15 9FF
Ref. N °: 2021/0722

Single storey facade extension
71 Sheepwalk Lane Ravenshead NG15 9FD
Ref. N °: 2021/0715

Construction of three new housing units, two new vehicular accesses from Vernon Crescent to the site (Revised proposal).
81 Vernon Crescent Ravenshead Nottinghamshire NG15 9BP
Ref. No: 2021/0702

Forest management plan
3A Kirkby Road Ravenshead NG15 9HD
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0685TPO

Replacement of an existing veranda with a single-storey extension (3050 mm deep)
186 Ravenshead Main Road NG15 9GW
Ref. No: 2021/0683

Single-storey side extension
47 Swinton Rise Ravenshead NG15 9FS
Ref. No: 2021/067

Rear and side extension proposed on two floors (re-submission).
34 Ravenshead Main Road NG15 9GT
Ref. N °: 2021/0670

Front and rear extension project on one level.
210 Ravenshead Main Road NG15 9GW
Ref. No: 2021/0667

Red hill

Front, side and rear extension project on one level.
16 Salcombe Redhill Drive NG5 8JF
Ref. N °: 2021/0732

Stoke Bardolphe

New front porch, replacement of the rear one-story sloping roof with a flat roof, cladding of existing exterior walls, replacement of windows and roof finishing.
24 Stoke Lane Stoke Bardolph NG14 5HS
Ref. No: 2021/0687


T1- Oak – Fallen
28 Holme Close Woodborough NG14 6EX
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0726TPO


Two-story side extension and one-story rear
20, chemin Knighton Woodthorpe NG5 4FL
Ref. No: 2021/0751

T1 – Sycomore – Crown lift at 6m, T2 – Sycomore – Crown lift at 6m, and T3 – Sycomore – Crown lift at 6m
Maison Balmoral Route de Villiers Woodthorpe NG5 4FP
Ref. N °: 2021 / 0719TPO

Side extension and two-story rear extension
17, chemin Knighton Woodthorpe NG5 4FL
Ref. No: 2021/0707

Single-storey rear extension
17 Bonington Woodthorpe Road NG3 5JR
Ref. No: 2021/0688

Change the use of the property from the current C3 to C2 for a residential children’s home (maximum 3 children).
26 Breck Hill Road Woodthorpe NG5 4GP
Ref. No: 2021/0674


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58 The terracotta facade of Saint Marks Place progresses to Boerum Hill, Brooklyn https://wallmountsplus.com/58-the-terracotta-facade-of-saint-marks-place-progresses-to-boerum-hill-brooklyn/ https://wallmountsplus.com/58-the-terracotta-facade-of-saint-marks-place-progresses-to-boerum-hill-brooklyn/#respond Sun, 04 Jul 2021 12:00:22 +0000 https://wallmountsplus.com/58-the-terracotta-facade-of-saint-marks-place-progresses-to-boerum-hill-brooklyn/

The work takes shape on the white terracotta facade of 58 Saint Marks Place, a 12-story residential building in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Developed by Avdoo & Partners and designed by INC Architecture & Design with Isaac & Stern as the reference architect, the long rectangular structure will produce 100 units and is bounded by 4th Avenue to the east, St Mark’s Square to the north and Willie McDonald Way to the south.

When we last updated in March, the final exterior cladding had only just started. Now almost everything is in place, with only the last three levels above the main setback awaiting completion.

58 St. Mark’s Square. Photo by Michael Young

58 St. Mark’s Square. Photo by Michael Young

58 St. Mark’s Square. Photo by Michael Young

58 St. Mark’s Square. Photo by Michael Young

58 St. Mark’s Square. Photo by Michael Young

Black nets and metal scaffolding cover the floors above the recess to the roof parapet. The tight window grille and stack of pocketed decks create a richly textured exterior that showcases the simplicity of the terracotta panels and the play of light and shadow created from the recessed rectangular window frames. Sidewalk scaffolding lines the main floor, as well as white and orange construction barriers and fences along 4th Avenue. The northern party wall, largely virgin, has a few windows but is largely made of cinder blocks. This will likely be covered to match the light colored surface of the rest of the building.

58 St. Mark’s Square. Photo by Michael Young

58 St. Mark’s Square. Photo by Michael Young

58 St. Mark’s Square. Photo by Michael Young

58 St. Mark’s Square. Photo by Michael Young

Looking at 4th Avenue towards 58 Place Saint Marc. Photo by Michael Young

Sales at 58 Saint Marks Place began earlier this year. The homes will come in 45 unique floor plans ranging from studios to four bedroom apartments. The studios will be priced at $ 550,000; a room starting at $ 835,000; a bedroom with a home office starting at $ 1,050,000; two bedrooms starting at $ 1,270,000; three bedrooms starting at $ 1,925,000; and four bedrooms starting at $ 3,700,000. Most homes will have their own private outdoor space, while each unit will be finished with seven-inch white oak hardwood floors, low-E coated double-glazed casement windows, motorized blinds, a washer and dryer. front loading, and energy efficient HVAC systems with zoned control for each room and HEPA filters. Kitchens will feature custom white oak and fluted glass cabinetry, polished Luce de Luna quartzite countertops, Thermador Masterpiece Series appliances with a set of Bosch appliances in the studios, and an undercounter wine cooler in some units. .

The property will include 19,000 square feet of amenities, including a large outdoor central garden designed by Terrain, a fitness center by The Wright Fit with a gym, a boxing studio, a Pilates studio, a fitness studio, yoga, meditation rooms, private shower, sauna and steam rooms and treatment room. There will be a living room with a chef’s kitchen and a separate living and dining room, a club room with fireplace and bar, a games room with TV and game tables, a children’s playroom, a music room, a karaoke room, lounge, library with coffee bar, pet spa, and art studio with craft tables and a garden. Rounding out the offerings is a landscaped roof terrace with grounds designed by Terrain, outdoor dining and barbecues, lounge seating and an outdoor cinema.

Construction services at 58 Saint Marks Place include 24-hour lobby and front desk, porter and handyman, resident manager, oversized parcel room with cold storage, stroller storage, washers and high-capacity dryers for oversized items, pre-wired units for Verizon FiOS and Spectrum, on-site parking, private storage, and bike storage available for purchase.

YIMBY last reported that occupancy of 58 Saint Marks Place is slated for the summer.

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Bharti launches ‘Airtel Black’ all-in-one package to take on Jio https://wallmountsplus.com/bharti-launches-airtel-black-all-in-one-package-to-take-on-jio/ https://wallmountsplus.com/bharti-launches-airtel-black-all-in-one-package-to-take-on-jio/#respond Fri, 02 Jul 2021 19:23:00 +0000 https://wallmountsplus.com/bharti-launches-airtel-black-all-in-one-package-to-take-on-jio/

In a bid to take on Jio, Bharti Airtel on Friday launched a new all-in-one “Airtel Black” package that includes DTH, postpaid and fiber with one bill.

Shashwat Sharma, Director of Marketing and Communications, Bharti Airtel, said, “Airtel Black is another step in our obsession with solving the problems of our customers at Airtel. As an integrated operator, Airtel is uniquely positioned to deliver an exceptional experience across all home services – fiber, DTH and mobile – to our customers. And Airtel Black is focused on that.

The company’s previous offering, One Airtel, allows two or more services to be combined in a single package, in order to generate a single bill for the consumer.

As part of this new service, Airtel will also allow users to customize their plans. The plans have been posted online and are accessible via the Airtel app by following certain steps or by visiting the “Airtel Black” microsite.

Bharti Airtel said it will provide dedicated relationship managers with a 60-second call pickup feature.

“All of this comes with zero switching and installation costs associated with free lifetime service visits,” Airtel said in a statement.

There are four new fixed packages under the “Airtel Black” banner priced from Rs 998 per month to Rs 2,099 per month.

The Rs 2,099 per month package offers three mobile connections, one fiber connection and one DTH connection. The package Rs 1,598 per month offers two mobile connections and a fiber connection. The Rs 1,349 per month plan offers three mobile connections and one DTH connection and finally the Rs 998 per month plan provides two mobile connections and one DTH connection.

While the plan is not similar to Reliance Jio’s new offering, it does come close to the rival’s offering.

Earlier this week, Jio launched its Rs 3,499 prepaid plan, which offers 3GB of data per day for a year.

Jio’s new annual plan can be recharged via the official website and the MyJio mobile application. The Rs 3,499 plan is the most expensive plan offered by Jio. After consuming 3 GB of data in a day, users will still have access to the Internet with browsing speeds dropping to 64 Kbps.

The plan also offers unlimited voice calls and 100 texts per day. In addition, customers will also receive a subscription to all Jio apps and services, including Jio TV, Jio News, Jio Cinema, Jio Security and Jio Cloud.

Interestingly, the plan doesn’t offer a subscription to third-party OTT platforms like Disney + Hotstar, which is offered as part of various other plans from the company.

Jio also recently announced five new prepaid plans with no daily limit. These plans allow users to consume the allocated data without daily restrictions with unlimited voice calls. Daily no-limit plans start from Rs 127 and offer unlimited voice calls with a free subscription to Jio apps.

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