Connecticut suspends new mask policy for students and athletes – NBC Connecticut


The state is suspending a plan to allow vaccinated student-athletes to compete without a mask, according to Governor Ned Lamont’s office.

Citing the rising rates of COVID-19 infection in Connecticut, a spokesperson for the governor said all student-athletes will continue to wear masks, regardless of their immunization status.

The new policy developed by the Department of Public Health and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference was due to go into effect Thursday.

The policy change has been criticized by some school districts fearing that only forcing unvaccinated students to wear masks would publicly identify their immunization status and violate their privacy.

Ellington and Vernon Schools sent letters to the Department of Public Health asking the agency to rethink the policy.

The state Department of Public Health said the change is in line with that of neighboring Massachusetts and Rhode Island, which also recommend that all participants wear a mask during indoor athletic activities.

It is not clear whether Wednesday’s decision to maintain the current policy requiring all student-athletes to wear masks is permanent.


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