Disabled Ayrshire pensioner wins long-running campaign to install chute curb


A disabled pensioner has won a long-running campaign to have a chute curb installed near his home – with a little help from Ayrshire Live.

Former paramedic Robert Campbell, 65, was never able to access a footpath that leads to Ellisland Square and Souter Place, Ayr.

Robert gets around the Forehill area using a mobility scooter, but the curb of the footpath is too high to negotiate.

And accessing the trail is the quickest route for Robert to take if he wants to visit his daughter on Castlehill Road.

This means that Robert must rather…

  • then negotiate the full length of Ellisland Place;
  • turn right into Ellisland Square
  • Travel along Ellisland Square before reaching the Mount Oliphant Crescent junction
  • negotiate a stretch of Mount Oliphant Crescent
  • turn right at the roundabout to access Ellisland Square
  • then negotiate Ellisland Square;
  • access Castlehill Road

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The ideal route to her daughter’s house, via the path in the cul-de-sac of Ellisland Place, would cut her journey by a few minutes – if there was a sidewalk.

Not only would this cut Robert’s commute time, but it would save energy on his battery-powered scooter.

Robert Campbell is set to win the campaign to have a curb installed at the end of his street
Robert Campbell is set to win the campaign to have a curb installed at the end of his street

He has been in contact with South Ayrshire Council and Forehill, Holmston and Masonhill Community Council to see if they can help, but until this week he was making no progress.

The homeowner said: “I am disabled and have a mobility scooter. In front of my house in Ellisland Place there is a pedestrian path to take you to the next street, but my scooter cannot ride it.

“That means I have to travel three times the distance to my daughter’s house at the Castlehill roundabout. It’s a long, circuitous route to my daughter’s house.

“There are abandoned sidewalks all over the city, but not here. I’m sick of it.”

Mr Campbell, who lives in a semi-detached house and was forced into retirement due to health issues, phoned local authorities and wrote to them about his problem.

Ayrshire Live has also contacted South Ayrshire Council over the issue.

Following a thorough investigation, it was revealed that the curb on which the lane sits falls under the auspices of the Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

And thanks to Ayrshire live intervention, the chiefs of the roads are ready to accede to Robert’s request.

Kevin Braidwood, roads manager at the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, said: ‘We will consider putting in a lowered curb, so that Mr Campbell can access the path.

Robert said: “I personally want to thank Ayrshire live for their assistance in this matter, as it is greatly appreciated.”

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