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Energy company Evergy is warning its customers that scammers are trying to collect payments from customers under threat of disconnection.

Evergy said in a press release Wednesday that he had received “numerous client reports” from con artists calling clients and falsely claiming to be representatives of Evergy. The crooks ask customers for immediate payment to avoid disconnection of the service.

Evergy states that calls from real Evergy employees for overdue accounts are never made on the same day as disconnection. Customers have reported that in most cases the scammer will pretend to be an Evergy customer service representative to trick the customer into providing credit card or other personal information, telling customers that a check has been bounced or they have an overdue invoice. Scammers often ask customers to use a prepaid card for payment.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, crooks have stepped up calls, texts, emails and in-person tactics and are reaching out to utility customers asking for immediate payment to avoid disconnecting from the network. service. Evergy will never ask customers to make payments with a prepaid debit card, gift card, any form of cryptocurrency, or third-party digital mobile payment apps. If customers have been scammed, Evergy advises them to work with their local law enforcement agency to report the crime.

Customers can verify that an individual is Evergy by asking to see the Company ID or by calling Evergy customer service before providing any information, such as an Evergy account number or banking information. If customers cannot verify that they are speaking with an Evergy employee, they should not reveal any information. Lawrence customers, who are located in the Kansas Central service area, can call 1-800-383-1183 or view their account status online by visiting evergy.com.

When it comes to identifying Evergy employees in person, Evergy states that all employees will wear an Evergy ID. For a service appointment, they can drive an Evergy vehicle or wear Evergy branded clothing. Evergy does not do door-to-door sales. Evergy employees rarely need to enter a customer’s home.

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