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OBSERVE File Photo Brooks Memorial Hospital received $ 4 million under the Paycheck Protection Program.

Just over 1,300 businesses, nonprofits and organizations in Chautauqua County have received federal assistance under the Paycheck Protection Program.

The loans, which totaled between $ 109.2 million and $ 208.2 million, ranged from $ 375 to an undisclosed company in Jamestown with a reported employee to nearly $ 5 million at Maplevale Farms Inc. in Falconer with nearly 200 workers.

As reported by The Post-Journal in July 2020, nine businesses, nonprofits and organizations received at least $ 2 million in forgivable loans to help them retain their workforce. Since then, more data has been made available by the Small Business Administration, detailing how much help has been channeled to employers of all shapes and sizes in the region.

Maplevale Farms received two PPP loans totaling $ 4.99 million, while Lutheran Social Services secured approximately $ 4.94 million in loans, which are believed to be the county’s largest disbursements .

Douglas Neckers, president of Maplevale Farms, said he felt “as the bottom has fallen from the world” March 15 of last year. He said that in the first week when the pandemic hit, sales fell almost 50%.

OBSERVE File Photo Tom Holt, President and CEO of Lutheran Jamestown. Lutheran received $ 4.94 million under the Paycheck Protection Program.

“We were very lucky to qualify for a PPP loan”, Neckers said, “And we are very grateful that it has come at such a difficult time. “

The Lutheran loans received were a “A lifeline in many ways”, said Tom Holt, CEO and Chairman. The impacts the pandemic would have on the skilled nursing and adult care industries were not as clearly visible at first. Since then, Holt has seen a “Huge change” in industry, with a 20% reduction in capacity, resulting in a one-fifth drop in income.

“The paycheck protection program has allowed us to stay in business and maintain a full workforce,” Holt said, adding that it remains to be seen whether capacity levels will ever return fully to their pre-pandemic levels. He said more and more families are keeping loved ones at home for care outside of traditional facilities.

To make matters worse, Holt said New York State has reduced Medicaid reimbursement rates in nursing homes. This is in addition to the $ 1.5 million it cost Lutheran over the past calendar year for personal protective equipment and COVID-19 testing for residents and staff.

Other Chautauqua County entities that have received at least $ 2 million in PPP loans include: Chautauqua Institution, $ 4.72 million; Jamestown Container Co., $ 4.4 million; Monofrax LLC, $ 4.3 million; Brooks TLC, $ 4 million; Hopes Windows Inc., $ 4 million; TitanX engine, $ 3.4 million; and AW Farrell & Son, Inc. $ 2.2 million.

Loans are forfeited if all employee retention criteria are met and funds are used for qualifying expenses. The Paycheque Protection Program officially ended on May 31, 2021.

According to the SBA, 12 county entities have obtained PPP loans ranging from $ 1 million to $ 2 million; 56 received between $ 350,000 and $ 1 million; 118 received between $ 150,000 and $ 350,000; and 1,117 received an amount less than $ 150,000. The SBA has not released the names of companies – which equates to about 5,797 retained jobs – that received less than $ 150,000 in P3 loans.

In Cattaraugus County, four entities received loans between $ 2 million and $ 5 million: Cattaraugus Rehabilitation Center Inc. in Olean; Gowanda Holdings Inc. in Gowanda; Olean Medical Group LLP in Olean; and Wellsville Carpet Town Inc. in Westons Mills.

In addition, four entities received loans between $ 1 and $ 2 million; 25 between $ 350,000 and $ 1 million; 54 between $ 150,000 and $ 350,000; and 644 up to $ 150,000.

Data on PPP loans involving businesses and organizations in Chautauqua County is available at: https://ppp.directory/new-york/chautauqua-county

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