Freudenthal offers a new home-based primary care service | Local News


Medical conditions can make it difficult for people to go out and see a doctor, so a local business is offering new options to better serve those in need.

A new home-based primary care option offered by Freudenthal Home-Based Healthcare is designed to treat elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions.

Dr Tricia Nguyen recently traveled to Easton, Missouri, home of 97-year-old Lyndall Cornelius. amounts of medicine for Cornelius.

“I feel blessed,” Cornelius said. “I don’t know how I can get out to go to a doctor.”

Nguyen obtained a plethora of medical information during his career. She started out in pediatrics but also practiced internal medicine, emergency medicine and even earned a master’s degree in business administration before working on the administrative side of operations for about fifteen years.

“Then I realized I missed patient care,” Nguyen said.

After completing a geriatrics fellowship and earning her certification, she joined Dr. Steven Brushwood to provide home-based primary care at Freudenthal.

“We get a glimpse of what their world is like – their level of social support, what’s in their fridge, what’s in their cupboards and what else they might need. they wouldn’t express when they come to the clinic,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen said she enjoys home visits because they give her a different perspective of her patients.

“We actually approach them as a whole person, from their cognitive abilities, their functional abilities,” Nguyen said. “Doctors go where the patients are and meet them where they are, and that’s the future.”

Cornelius’ daughter, Kaye Rutter, said she was seeking home-based primary care before it was offered by Freudenthal.

“Having Dr Nguyen come and sit with us for an hour and ask questions and look at her chart…it’s almost like putting together a puzzle to find out where she is right now, and I’m aware of that, but I don’t have the skills for that,” Rutter said. “We’ve already picked up three or four medical issues she had because they knew the right questions to ask, and they were patient as well.”


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