Heritage Home Service and XOi renew their partnership


NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Heritage home service, the leading full-service residential plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical provider for New Hampshire and Massachusetts, announces the renewal and expansion of its partnership with XOi Technologies, the registration system for the collection and indexing of field service data, to help entrepreneurs fill the critical labor shortage in the skilled trades.

This expanded partnership leverages XOi’s curb-to-curb technician empowerment solution and Heritage Home Service’s customer-focused training workflows and resources to deliver greater value and empowerment solutions. from technicians to field service specialists.

“As a visually intelligent activation solution for our teams, XOi has supported Heritage’s commitment to our customers by improving and enhancing our overall service,” said Mike Stewart, Head of Training and Development at Heritage Home Service. “With XOi’s advanced visual documentation capability and detailed job overviews, we provide our customers with unprecedented transparency, work validation, quality control and efficiency. And now, by expanding that relationship and sharing our standardized workflows and proven visual training tools, XOi enables other entrepreneurs in their ecosystem to achieve the same results.

XOi’s industry-leading data-driven AR technology solution provides technicians across all industries in the field service with essential tools to use, aggregate and analyze critical work data. Heritage Home Service has renewed and increased its tier partnership with XOi to create more in-depth and easily accessible institutional knowledge bases that support real-time decision making and data-driven continuity.

By making its one-stop XOi full-service application available across the XOi ecosystem, Heritage is providing other entrepreneurs with critical data science insights and analysis for effective management of workflows during the scarcity of business. labor in progress.

“Solving the chronic shortage of a skilled workforce has spurred our innovation,” said Aaron Salow, Founder and CEO of XOi. “Heritage Home Service has adopted our technology to maximize their operational efficiency, and the decision to build on this relationship and share their knowledge and ideas demonstrates our shared commitment to helping the industry meet and overcome this challenge. “

For more information on XOi, visit https://xoi.io/.


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