Hinsdale Home Builder quoted for the project: Village


HINSDALE, IL — A Hinsdale homebuilder was cited last month for work apparently done in violation of village codes, records show.

The issue was raised Wednesday during a discussion by the Historic Preservation Commission of the demolition of the house at 720 S. Elm St.

The village has not yet approved a demolition permit for the Italianate house. But a team from Donegal Services, an excavation company, turned up in the late afternoon of February 3 to dig on the property for around three hours, according to the village timeline.

Digging began the following day at 8 a.m. But the village ordered the crew to stop work. The contractor, Hinsdale-based J. Jordan Homes, has received a warning.

The next day, ComEd showed up on the property. J. Jordan was again advised to stop all work. The village issued two citations to J. Jordan.

At the meeting, Commissioner William Haarlow said it appeared work on the property was “based on the assumption that we would have approved a demolition certificate at the February meeting”.

“For whatever reason, at least Donegal and ComEd were either not informed or chose to ignore instructions, which seems unlikely,” Haarlow said.

The February 2 meeting was canceled due to weather conditions.

In response to Haarlow, Julie Laux, owner of J. Jordan, said she had proof that her company had informed Donegal that it did not yet have a demolition permit.

“As soon as we found out, we arrested him,” Laux said. “It was a mistake. You are right, we have been subpoenaed. We will settle this in court, where it belongs.”

Patch wrote an article Friday on the demolition issue.


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