Leap and CompanyCam Integration Streamlines the Selling Process for Home Service Professionals


COLUMBIA, MD., November 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Jump associated with Corporate camera, the widely used photo documentation and communications application for entrepreneurs, to integrate the service into Leap’s end-to-end sales software application for home service professionals.

Now available to all Leap users, the integration gives home service professionals using Leap access to photos saved from CompanyCam’s elite cloud-based photo storage network. Stored photos are accessible through the CompanyCam API in the Leap app, and images can be attached to all documents in Leap, including contracts and quotes.

“Our team at Leap has a proven history of partnering with top industry leaders to support entrepreneurs who embrace a digital mindset,” said Patrick fingles, CEO of Leap. “And when it comes to CompanyCam, this integration has been one of the most requested we’ve ever had. We are proud to offer our customers another tool to simplify the home contracting process, and we are delighted to provide CompanyCam users with the ability to make more use of photo capture by incorporating images into contracts. digital, proposals and work orders. “

With the integration of CompanyCam, images captured in a residence via the CompanyCam application are automatically tagged using GPS location services, recorded and organized by the address linked to that project. This eliminates many tedious issues throughout the sales process such as images saved separately on phones or tablets or images inaccessible when needed most.

“As any home service professional knows, maintaining accurate and easily accessible photographic documentation is essential throughout the lifecycle of a project,” said Luc Hansen, founder and CEO of CompanyCam. “By partnering with Leap, we are able to offer our mutual customers an enhanced user experience that protects their businesses and gives them a competitive advantage.

Leap users must have an on-premises Internet connection to view their full library of images. However, when traveling in an area with no internet connection, photos can be easily downloaded to the tablet camera roll and accessed offline.

For more information on CompanyCam integration and the capabilities of the Leap platform, visit www.leaptodigital.com.

About Leap
Leap is subscription-based software that home service providers use to digitize their business, including digital contracts, quotes, documents, financing, and more. Integrating with the best home improvement software, Leap eliminates redundancies and errors that slow down your sales process and brings everything together in one place. Learn more about www.leaptodigital.com.

About CompanyCam
Founded in 2015, CompanyCam has revolutionized the way entrepreneurs work. Users can take an unlimited number of photos, which are time stamped by time and location, sent immediately to the cloud, and stored securely. This comprehensive photo software allows contractors from all industries to manage, monitor and share project progress from anywhere. With over 400 million photos in the cloud, CompanyCam is committed to providing entrepreneurs with the easiest, most productive photo solution. Learn more about www.companycam.com.

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