CHICAGO, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), the world’s largest and most successful college athletic recruiting network, has been named the official recruiting partner of United States Softball, the national governing body for softball in United States.

As United States Softball’s recruiting partner, NCSA, will provide recruiting training to student-athletes and families attending softball events across the United States and host exclusive online webinars for United States Softball Members.

Athletes ages 13 and older will have the option to create a free NCSA profile when registering for United States Softball events while accessing NCSA’s online tools and recruiting network of over 2,500 college softball coaches across the United States

In an effort to help create equal opportunities for all student-athletes to play their sport at the college level, the partnership will United States Softball to select up to 25 athletes to receive the NCSA All In Award. The All In Award is given to deserving student-athletes who demonstrate financial need, a strong desire to play collegiate athletics, and a commitment to leveraging their athletic talent to better their lives.

Each All In Award recipient receives NCSA’s most comprehensive recruiting membership free of charge, offering highly personalized support and guidance to ensure they have the best opportunity to find a college that’s right for them.

“The NCSA partnership is a great opportunity for youth teams playing United States softball,” said the Women’s National Team/University of Washington The head coach, Heather Tarr. “The NCSA platform is a unique way for athletes to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to increase their chances of playing softball at the most elite level. I look forward to seeing the success this opportunity will bring to our United States Softball athletes, coaches and parents.”

“Representing over 120,000 teams and over 2 million members, there is no greater player in the game than United States Softball,” the NCSA president said. Lisa Strasmann. “NCSA’s partnerships with national governing bodies are among our most important relationships, and we are delighted to partner with United States Softball to help their athletes and coaches succeed in recruiting.”

Additionally, United States Softball will integrate NCSA recruiting software, Coach Packet by NCSA, into its events. Coaches attending USA Softball events will be able to access the latest rosters, player data, schedules and personalized evaluation metrics digitally through Coach Packet’s dedicated universal iOS app.

All United States National-level softball teams will also receive the NCSA’s team recruiting platform, Team Edition. Team Edition allows coaches to track and guide their athletes’ college recruiting process through easy-to-use software.

United States Softball is the eleventh national governing body to name NCSA its official recruiting partner. United States Hockey, United States Baseball, American Lacrosse, United States Field hockey, United States Athletics, United States Volleyball, United States Struggle, United States Water polo, American football for young people and United States Triathlon all work with NCSA to support its members with training and recruiting guidance.

Founded in 2000 to help educate student-athletes and their families about the college athletic recruiting process, the NCSA today works with families, clubs, high schools, and college coaches to help hundreds of thousands of college students -athletes find their best college form.


United States Softball (USAS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Oklahoma City, Okla., and is designated as the National Governing Body (NGB) for softball in the United States and member of the States Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

USAS, one of the nation’s largest sports organizations, sanctions the competition through a network of local associations, which includes all 50 states and some metropolitan associations. USAS is committed to providing people of all ages the opportunity to play the game they love at different skill levels by providing recreational, league, tournament, and competitive games for fast pitch, slow pitch, and modified pitch . USAS hosts thousands of tournaments across the country each year, including more than 100 national championships. The USAS umpire program is one of the largest in the nation and is widely known as the best trained umpires in the game.

As the NGB for the sport of softball, USAS is responsible for training, equipping, and promoting the six United States National softball teams that compete in events such as the Olympics, Pan American Games, World Championships, and other international and national events. For more information about USAS, including its founding and history as the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA), please visit


Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) is the largest and most successful college athletic recruiting network in the world.

The NCSA leverages proprietary technology and data with professional expertise and personal connections to connect tens of thousands of college student-athletes each year to more than 35,000 college coaches across the country in 37 sports.

NCSA is a subsidiary of IMG Academy, one of the largest and most advanced multi-sport training and education institutions in the world.

To learn more about the NCSA, visit

CONTACT: Lauren Pulte, [email protected]248-885-2607

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