No change in tariff bills after installing smart meters


Srinagar, 04 June: Kashmir’s energy development department said on Saturday there would be no change or additional tariff bills after the smart meters were installed. They said the Department has already installed 26,000 smart meters in Srinagar and 31,000 smart meters in the city will be installed till next month.

Chief Engineer, Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL), Er. Javid Yousuf told Rising Kashmir that the department has so far successfully installed 26,000 smart meters in the city. He said the first phase would be completed within the next month.

Residents of Srinagar areas also staged a protest to demand the removal of smart meters from their area, claiming they would be charged exorbitantly for electricity bills.

However, the chief engineer of PDD said there was no change in the electricity bill tariffs, adding that people had confusion regarding these meters.

The department said there were no additional charges in the electricity units, adding that this made it easier for employees to work and would also help end the load shedding and reduction schedule.

According to officials, former employees went to check the reading of each meter, which took time. They said that after the smart meters are installed, there will be no moderation and the reading will be sent to the data center automatically. There will be no human intervention.

Srinagar Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Aijaz Asad has also warned of strict measures against those who will not allow the installation of smart meters in their areas.

Asad also urged DP employees to involve social leaders and activists in motivating people regarding the installation of smart meters. He said the message should be loud and clear regarding the execution of the works, in addition to using social media and other channels to familiarize and educate the general public on the benefits of installing smart meters.

According to a senior ministry official, these smart meters are being installed across the country as directed by the central government. The officer said some people were spreading false information regarding the installation of smart meters.

Last month, Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla also chaired a meeting with the Union Territory Chief Secretary to review progress in the privatization of electricity distribution and utilities. smart meters in Jammu and Kashmir.

Initially, a detailed presentation was made by the Ministry of Energy, showing the progress and status of the privatization of electricity distribution and the installation of smart meters in UT.

During the meeting, 63,844 smart meters were installed at J&K and the target of 1.15 lakh meters will be achieved by July as the instillation process has been accelerated in J&K.


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