Now get a 40% grant for installing solar panels in 30 days

Solar panels on the roof

Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme is an Indian government initiative to promote the installation of solar panels on rooftops across the country. Union Minister for Energy and New and Renewable Energy RK Singh reviewed the progress of the solar rooftop project. After the review, the minister gave instructions to simplify the solar roof system, so that people can access it easily.

Install solar panels from anywhere and get a 40% grant

He’s run it now; it will not be necessary for a household to have the roof installed by one of the listed suppliers. Households can also install the roof themselves or have the roof installed by any supplier of their choice, and notify the utility company of the installation with a photograph of the system that has been installed.

Notice to DISCOM of roof installation may be given in physical form through a letter/request or on the designated website that has been established by each DISCOM and the government. of India for the Roof Top Scheme.

Subsidy to be provided within 30 days of installation:

The distribution company will ensure that net metering is provided within 15 days of receipt of the information. The subsidy to be granted by the government. of India which is 40% for roof up to 3KW capacity and 20% beyond that up to 10KW will be credited to owner’s account by DISCOM within 30 days of installation.

In order to ensure that the quality of solar panel and inverter is up to the prescribed standard; the govt. of India will from time to time publish the lists of solar panel manufacturers and inverter manufacturers whose products meet the expected quality standards and the price lists thereof; and the owner can select the solar panels and the inverter of his choice.

The option to have the roof installed by one of the DISCOM appointed suppliers remains available as before. Also in such cases, the owner can select the solar panel and inverter of his choice.

How do I apply for a Solar Rooftop Grant Program?

  • First visit

  • After that, on the homepage, click Apply for Solar Rooftop

  • Now on the new page click on your state link

  • After that, the application of Solar Roof will open in front, in which all the applications have to be filled and submitted.

  • In this way you can apply for Solar Rooftop Scheme

Solar Rooftop Grant Program Helpline Number

If you need more information about the Solar Rooftop Grant Program, you can contact the toll-free number 1800-180-3333. A state-by-state list of certified agencies accredited for solar roof installation can also be viewed on the official website.


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