Port Milwaukee Wind Turbine Installation 10th Anniversary


The wind turbine at Port MilwaukeeThe administration building is ten years old this week.

Milwaukee officials celebrated the anniversary of the 100 kilowatt wind turbine on Monday, February 28. They highlighted Milwaukee’s commitment to reducing energy consumption and increasing renewable energy projects.

A city press release says that over its lifetime, the 100-kilowatt wind turbine has generated more than 1.4 million kilowatt-hours of power for Port Milwaukee. The net savings on the port’s electricity bill from both the wind turbine and the energy efficiency work at the administration building is approximately $200,000.

Port Milwaukee also avoided releasing more than 1,025 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air. This equates to 1,133,355 pounds of coal burned or the energy consumption of 123 homes for one year.

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Since the turbine generates more electricity than Port Milwaukee needs, it provides a surplus of clean energy to the power grid, officials said. This excess electricity generates an average of more than $8,000 in revenue for Milwaukee each year.

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