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The Wall IWB and The Wall All-in-One usher in a new era for advanced display technology at InfoComm 2022

An innovative new micro-LED has now arrived with Samsung’s recent debut of the all-new Wall IWB and The Wall All-in-One at InfoComm 2022. stunning visual that delivers pure black levels and superb color purity, along with a revolutionary installation process.

The wall represents Samsung’s mission to deliver first-class picture quality, technical leadership and seamless installation. Viewers can expect a premium experience from the enhanced Wall range, whether in the luxury of their own home or in a professional application.

Jthe IWB wall

Total immersion with our finest pixel pitch yet

Samsung’s 2022 flagship display, The Wall IWB, delivers next-level immersion with ultimate color and contrast. Its modular displays deliver a captivating visual experience in a high-resolution widescreen format with our finest pixel pitch yet. Available in 0.63, 0.84, 0.94, 1.26, and 1.68 pixel pitches, The Wall IWB delivers Samsung’s most detailed image and dynamic range extension to date. Its additional pixel pitch offerings and sizing options provide enhanced customization and flexible design and installation.

Captivating quality

Featuring first-class technology, The Wall IWB can be installed in a variety of positions and screen sizes, accommodating 4K movies for 110 inches and up to 8K for 220 inches to revitalize various venues such as hotels, transportation hubs and retail. the spaces. It offers 120Hz frame rate and HDR 10/10+ and LED HDR, showcasing incredible advances in resolution capabilities. These features are powered by a Micro AI processor, which instantly analyzes every second of content and optimizes picture quality while suppressing noise. Additionally, Black Seal technology continues a tradition of pure black coloring and ultra-low reflection film to minimize external light reflection. Users can expect Multi View in this new model, allowing simultaneous playback of multiple sources from up to four sources on a single screen. This feature does not require any additional splitters and ultimately provides greater flexibility in terms of the display’s dynamic content capabilities for guests.

Next Level Branded Content

The IWB wall, backed by a peak of 2000 nits, delivers exceptional image quality and super clear images. With the ability to transform any space into a flexible visual canvas through Samsung’s modular technology and easy installation, the product allows viewers to visually enjoy stunning content. This model can be installed in a variety of positions to suit customer needs, making it easy for professionals responsible for on-site calibration. Overall cabinet size has been increased, allowing technicians to install just four cabinets to configure the UHD display for faster and more economical operation. Professionals and customers alike can find flexibility in the product without limitations in size, shape and structure.

The Walll All-in-one

Setup has never been easier

The All-in-One Wall (IAB) is a fully immersive high-definition modular display with a sleek design, thin bezel, and improved sizing options – without the need for additional components. Scalability and ease of scaling are major factors in this year’s model, creating new possibilities for customers to think bigger than before. Customization of the Wall All-in-One (IAB) provides flexible installation that exceeds expectations. Delivering excellent quality, with Black Seal and Ultra Chroma technologies for superb color, users can expect 20-bit processing and linear grayscale for rich textures and immersive detail. A 4K Neural Quantum Processor delivers pristine image quality without added noise. This 16:9 form factor model comes in three different models: 146-inch 4K, 146-inch FHD, and 110-inch FHD.

Transforming homes with luxurious touches

An impressive feature for owners is the improved installation with the convenience of setting up a typical consumer TV. The model’s pre-fitted seam, integrated S-box and “pre-assembled frame kit” completely transformed assembly, reducing total cost of ownership and overall installation time to approximately two hours. Solderless docking connections and factory seam adjustments ease installation, simplifying installation for anchoring bottom plates and hanging three to four modules. Beyond the setup, The Wall All-in-One delivers an incredible viewing experience, making viewers feel completely immersed in the content.

Making a statement in business environments

Beyond installation flexibility and screen size, The Wall All-in-One features a sleek screen that’s just 59mm thick. This slim, bezel-less infinity design allows the all-in-one to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. It also offers the ability to combine two 146-inch 4K displays side-by-side to create a 32:9 form factor model. It has a direct input connection to the screen without the need for a separate device and an integrated control box for a clean and convenient configuration. With powerful connectivity, it can be paired with the Google Duo video calling app, turning the screen into an optimized workspace.

The Wall series has an incredible heritage illuminating spaces, including the iconic New York skyline. Last December, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt opened its doors to the public, offering guests an immersive new way to explore the famous skyline. Featuring a 750 square foot 1.2mm IWJ Wall Series screen that helps create a spellbinding cloudscape, the installation demonstrates an endless pursuit of technical perfection in the newest, most cutting-edge landmark. of the Big Apple.

Samsung digital signage has the power to transform any space, from your own home to large entertainment districts. Impactful signage can enhance the viewing experience and draw more attention to eye-catching content. To find out how The Wall series can help you make an impact, explore how to set your business or home apart with advanced technology.


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