Southwest Gas Pursues Spring Creek Installation | Local


SPRING CREEK – Progress continues with the expansion of Southwest Gas Corp. in the four chapters of the Spring Creek Association.

Phase 2 of the project began last spring with residences and businesses along a designated route in each section. Crews laid a high-pressure pipeline in the fall, connecting businesses and residences near or off the Lamoille Expressway.

Regulatory Projects Director Debra Gallo said crews are now working on routes to each lane to provide distribution service to residences, commercial businesses and schools.

Gallo said the mild weather helped lay the distribution pipe.

So far, 86% of commercial properties have signed up for service, and more than half of Spring Creek Phase 2 and 3 residents have requested natural gas.

“For 2022, we have started first contact,” Gallo said. “If you are on the plan for 2022 and 2023, you have received letters.”

Phase 2 began in 2021, with construction of Phases 3 and 4 scheduled for 2022-2026.

Gallo said it’s not too late to sign up for information and have a representative tour and talk about options for those who want to learn more about natural gas.

She also pointed out that pre-conversion inspections are free. “We strongly encourage all residents to take advantage of it.”

“Conversions are very specific,” Gallo explained, “It depends on your home, your appliance, where your propane comes in. There are so many variables. Please contact us and we’ll arrange something.

Gallo said she also understands how eager people are to sign up.

“Trying to build all of Spring Creek over five to six years is really a lot of work,” Gallo said. “They are working hard to achieve this.”


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