SunPower: Why Your Builder Chose SunPower


California residents are familiar with solar inclusion when it comes to buying new homes. It’s because in 2020, the Title 24 energy code has begun requiring all new homes in the state to include a solar system. While this ambitious energy code has yet to be adopted in other sustainability-minded states, new home communities are prioritizing solar power more than ever.

Toll Brothers is one of the latest companies to bring homebuyers the best cleaner energy solutions from SunPower. When the agreement between the two companies was announced late last year, Toll Brothers said it was eager to provide its communities with access to renewable and reliable energy options. And, while it’s a big draw for various home building companies across the country, here are a few other reasons why. Masonits chosen SunPower.

Seamless integration

There’s no doubt about it, the process of buying a home can be both thrilling and overwhelming, which is why this final signing on the dotted line is a notable win. And since the last thing you want in the home buying process is yet another chore, integrating solar power into your new green home should be anything but tedious.

SunPower’s mySunPowerâ„¢ platform offers homebuyers a self-guided consultation that can be initiated at their convenience. Whether it’s 2:00 p.m. or 2:00 a.m., you’ll have all the resources you need to learn more about solar power and which options are best for your new home and lifestyle. You can also explore the financing options that are best for your family. With mySunPower, switching to solar is quick and easy. We do the work so you and your home builder don’t have to.

Once you have moved into your beautiful new home, you will be happy to know that the mySunPower App also tracks how much energy you produce and consume.

World-class solutions and service

SunPower has a track record unlike any other solar company in the United States. We exist since over three decadesrefining our solar + storage solutions and create a superior customer service culture. And while we can easily brag about having the best solar in the world, the truth is that we’re always raising our own bar to be even better at what we do.

Owners of SunPower® solar systems know they have the the most durable Available solar panels sit just above their roofs.1 Built on a solid copper foundation, SunPower solar cells are built to withstand stress and not crack under pressure like solar cells from other solar companies. Like its solar panels, SunPower’s warranty stands out from the rest. We are widely known for having the the most comprehensive warranty in the industry because we cover your entire solar system, not just the solar panels.

Whole Home Energy Solutions

While solar panels are a major player in SunPower’s business model, we also provide additional products and services for homeowners who wish to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Our SunVaultâ„¢ Storage System gives you backup power when you need it most. Whether you want to regularly save money on load spikes or need reassurance during a power outage, the SunVault storage system features a premium solar battery that can easily s perform this task.2

Woodside Homes, one of the top 30 homebuilders in the United States, began to offer its owners completed their energy independence with SunVault storage last summer, and they’re not alone. The new hospitality business makes sure that all the houses in their California Granite Bay community will include solar power + storage as well as a Wallbox EV charger.

In addition to making solar storage more accessible to homeowners, new residential communities are also seeing the need to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicle drivers. A study of clean technique found that almost 40% of electric vehicle owners also own a solar home system. So it makes perfect sense for a solar-powered home to include EV chargers to support this growing trend. Last year, SunPower partners with Wallbox To better meet the needs of sustainability-conscious consumers, install EV chargers in select locations with a solar home system.

SunPower has worked closely with homebuilders for years providing its expertise, resources and premium solutions to simplify the transition to clean energy. This is why companies like Knowledge base home have chosen to work with us for over a decade. We look forward to sharing our solutions with even more homebuilders so that new home buyers have access to the most efficient solar panels on the market.3 In fact, home building companies can surprise us at International Builders’ Fair in Orlando, Florida, starting February 8, to see our solar charging, storage and EV solutions up close.

1 Jordan, and. al. Robust PV degradation methodology and application. CSVP 2018

2 The ability to supply electricity during peak hours and during an outage varies depending on the amount of energy stored in the battery, the power and duration of use of appliances/devices connected to the system, the the battery’s ability to charge during the day and other factors. The storage system should not be used as a power source for critical medical devices.

3 Based on review of data sheets from top 20 manufacturers’ websites by IHS, April 2021.


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