“That’s the game.” Sports organizations are eagerly awaiting the athlete’s return


Since the sport halted earlier this month, athletes have eagerly waited to resume play. As Ontario begins to lift restrictions on January 31, coaches are preparing to give their athletes a sense of normality.

Current restrictions have prevented sports and recreation facilities from closing, but next week they will be allowed to open at 50% capacity.

“Here we go,” said Tony Martindale, general manager of Alliance Hockey. “We’re back to get the kids back on the ice, which is really important.

In order to resume play safely, sports organizations will need to operate with fewer people on and off the pitch.

For tennis coach Anthony Glavanic, it was a frustrating time.

“If I’m going to at least follow the rules, I expect ROI, my ROI has been a standstill, so I’m very upset because I did everything right,” he said .

“The tennis court is 78 feet long, basically we’re 100 feet apart. But now we’re moving on and we’re going to reopen on the 31st.”

Although the past month has been difficult for Ontarians, many coaches are eager to welcome back their athletes.

Returning to the pitch, David DeBenedictis, Director of Football at TFC London Academy and FC London, said: “It could start without spectators, only players will be allowed and that’s fine with us as coaches. .”

“It’s the social development and mental health they need to come back and getting back on the pitch is the first step.”


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