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Missoula, January 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In today’s digital world, customers have high expectations. Paying online, communicating digitally, and receiving automated updates were traditionally the preserve of market leaders with big tech budgets, but the world has changed, and with it, customer expectations.

For the home service industry, it was difficult to adapt to changing technology and customer expectations. However, with technology now widely available and dedicated platforms designed to help businesses with sales and customer management tools, delivering modern customer experiences and revolutionizing operations has never been easier.

Platforms such as BidClips are a prime example. Specialized in the home service industry, they empower teams to create better customer experiences and automate sales to service pipelines, with an intuitive suite of business support tools and technologies.

With interactive quote generators, automated follow-ups, lead capture forms, customer relationship management systems, sales dashboards and more, they provide home service businesses with the tools, technology and support needed for a smart digital world.

Below, we take a look at how sales and customer management platforms like BidClips are revolutionizing the home service industry and supporting business growth:

Give home service businesses the tools and support they need for modern business-to-customer services

Home service businesses are an integral part of the community. Whether it’s the handyman fixing your heater in time for winter, the landscaper transforming your greenery, or the glassmaker fixing a crack in your car’s windshield, they are the backbone of the company.

BidClips provides a suite of tools and support for home service businesses like these. Adaptable to all, it can be categorized as DIY software, health service software, landscaping service software, glass business software and more. The all-in-one platform includes important elements such as:

  • Automated follow-ups with potential customers
  • Options for restocking costs, travel costs and down payments
  • Planning tools for in-store or mobile services
  • Task management tools
  • Hassle-free payments

BidClips helps home service businesses identify specific needs and provides the software to meet them. For example, an auto glass business may have grown and needed a comprehensive way to handle customer details. BidClips auto glass CRM (customer relationship management software) can be included in the platform. Specific tools and add-ons like these are revolutionizing the way home service businesses work.

Why is software important for home service businesses?

Home service businesses generally devote their time, money and effort to the quality of their products and services. However, with the evolution of technology, customers have come to expect certain elements of service that rely on software. This means that there has been a surge in the number of home service companies investing in modern software and using it to perform tasks such as:

  • Capture qualified prospects with form generators
  • Get paid faster with online payment systems
  • Analyze real-time sales figures and metrics
  • Communicate with staff and customers via messaging software
  • Call reservation and scripting

Specific home service industries benefit from BidClips sales and customer management tools in different ways. For example, landscape auction software allows landscapers to work with predefined auction templates to facilitate estimation and quotes, while DIY auction software allows DIY enthusiasts to consolidate all communication with customers. and attract new customers.

How can platforms like BidClips shape the future of the home service industry?

If you’re interested in learning more about how technology is helping home service businesses work more efficiently, attract new customers, interact with existing customers, and amplify their growth, you can request a demo today. hui.

About BidClips:

BidClips is the # 1 sales management software for the home service industry. The platform enables home service teams to create better customer experiences. With interactive quote generators and automated follow-ups, it has never been easier to impress your customers or grow your business. Find out more via the site:


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