Tulsa home service experts cite advanced technology as the answer to maintaining good indoor air quality


“Most people think that all HVAC units work the same, and that’s not the case,” said Cody Damf, service manager and comfort consultant at Innovative Air Pros. “Technology has evolved and there are several options that offer additional benefits to homeowners. We keep an eye on the latest air quality solutions to stay ahead of the ever-changing industry. We are investing in the latest technologies to improve IAQ and increase savings for our customers.”

To improve a home’s defense against biological pollutants, UV germicidal lamps and UV air fresheners are an excellent and reliable choice for homeowners. Germicidal lamps are designed to eliminate biological pollutants before they have a chance to enter a home by damaging the cell structure of bacteria. These easy-to-install fixtures sanitize the air in your home to create a healthier indoor environment.

For an added layer of IAQ protection, homeowners can also install air fresheners. These can help sterilize the air by eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful pathogens in a home. For those who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions, this can be helpful in creating a better respiratory environment.

“While the work environment is returning to normal for many, there are still people who have to work from home,” Dampf said. “These people are beginning to realize that the air inside their homes is not as comfortable as they thought. Because they are spending more time indoors, clean air has become a domain of interest to homeowners. Germicidal lamps and air sanitizers remove many of the harmful contaminants that make the air uncomfortable.”

For an opportunity to improve air quality and create instant savings, the home air conditioner is the best place to start. Inverter technology is an innovation that many residents haven’t heard of, but should consider to save more.

In air conditioners with inverter technology, the temperature is adjusted by changing the speed of the motor without turning the motor on and off. This helps eliminate unnecessary operations and reduces the amount of energy used to help save money.

“At Innovative Air Pros, we have embraced the technology revolution by delivering advanced solutions that create a better overall owner experience,” said Dampf. “We know our customers expect space-age comfort, and we deliver that with a focus on solutions that others in the industry don’t.”

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