We finally see Amazon’s home service robots in action


Who wouldn’t want a personal robot to pick you up with a cold? According to The Verge, Amazon’s long-awaited Astro robot has finally been spotted in the wild, and people are posting pictures and videos of it.

Amazon’s Astro robot appears in videos and images

If you thought LG’s ClOi serving robot was practical, how about a robot that can grab you a soda? We had known about Amazon’s Astro robot for some time. Last November, the company sent a few units to early testers. There could have been an embargo period as we are all now getting photos and videos of this robot in action. All this gives us a good idea of ​​what this little robot can do; at first glance, this little robot can do a LOT.

This robot is really impressive!

Amazon’s Astro robots are meant to be personal assistants to help keep watch over your home. The thought behind them is that they are an extra set of eyes. Astro will monitor your home when you’re away and keep tabs on you when you’re home. It has a host of different sensors to help keep track of who is home and where it is. In the videos, the robots are seen constantly emitting light to sense their surroundings.

If the robot detects unauthorized people in your home, it will notify you on your connected device. And yes, these robots can REALLY recognize people. In a video, the owner told the robot to find Celeste. the Astro did. He was able to recognize the person and greet him with a message on the screen.

In the same video, the owner told the Astro to go to the den, and he did. The on-board sensors and AI are really incredibly advanced. Admittedly, this is a technology that will only require a little refinement. It takes a few seconds for the Astro to understand the commands.

All in all, these seem like really handy and powerful bots that could keep an eye on the house. As a bonus, these bots use Alexa to handle commands, so you know there’s a powerful AI behind them. Now, there are services that will cost extra money and subscription fees, though. You will have to pay attention to this.

They are going to be hard to get

If you are interested in buying one of these robots, it might be a bit complicated. Right now there is a limited quantity available, so you will need to request an invite to purchase one. Even then, not all requests will be accepted. If you manage to get an invite, you can get one for the introductory price of $999. After this price expires, the price will drop to $1,449.99.


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